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Battle Of The Proxies

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Objection: Sustained.

Will: "...And another thing Ms. Hellinger won't tell you, not only is my client innocent, but there is someone in another county being tried..."
Objection: Sustained.

Jane Alexander calls up Will and the Captain to yell at him about playing with the rules. Last time we saw her, she was a little cowed by his charm, and even as she's threatening him now with contempt there's still a twinkle in her eyes: "It's not that I mind you doing this incorrigible act, exactly, but we would all like to go home at some point."

Will: "But but but they're mentioning our trial there, Your Honor!"
Jane: "That is Stephen Root's prerogative."
Laura: "He wants a mistrial, Your Honor. He's delayed this court date for months, hoping the other trial would result in a guilty verdict."
Jane: "I know that. And he's not getting one. And if he does this shit again, I'm fining him ten grand. And after that, jail for contempt. When and if Grundy County finds Killer Hobo guilty, we can talk."
Will & The Captain: Flirty flirts.

Alicia: "State's Attorney Tripke? I'm Alicia Florrick..."
Tripke: "We don't need you. I don't want you. Go home. You're only helping me so that Gardner can win his Cook County case."
Alicia: "Uh, yeah. So? Look, we have access to the Cook County ME's files, we have outside forensic analysis..."
Tripke: "-- I am an SA! I hate defense attorneys! Go home!"

Alicia: "Will, the Grundy SA's being a real tool about this."
Will: "Kalinda's working on it. He'll need us eventually, considering his opposition's spellbinding mature sexuality. Hey, but will you google 'clay loam' on ChumHum? Since you're not being helpful at all in Grundy County?"
Alicia: "Sure. How's American Psycho?"
Will: "Flipping out. I wish you were here to do your Alicia Stuff to his mind."
Alicia: "I'm sure you can handle it. You're not entirely uncomforting."

Am Psycho: "My parents think the jury hates me."
Will: "Fuck your parents."


Eli: "Diane, I had a very scary lunch moment. I was approached by an adorable DOJ guy."
Diane: "Approached how? Like off the record?"
Eli: "He mentioned Wooster-Graff Industries, whose IPO I crisis-managed."

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