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BAB: "And what about American Psycho's sneakers, did you check those too?"
Objection: Overruled, because Stephen Root is not Jane Alexander and does not jurisprude in the same way as Jane Alexander.
Tom Szabo: "I didn't compare the shoes, but the Illinois Crime Lab did, and they said it was also a match for American Psycho. Isn't that weird? Eight different shoes, four different footprints, all matching. Just think, I could be in your shoes and you could be in Juliana Hatfield's, just like that beautiful recurring metaphor in My So-Called Life."
BAB: "So you think the shoe impression matches my client's shoes, but the Chicago team thinks... ["Objection!"] Nothing further, hee hee."

Alicia gives up and just whips her forensic analysis at Tripke's face. White Man Pride is nothing to DGAF Alicia anymore.

Tripke: "Okay so um, what about a soil analysis?"
Szabo: "Chicago wouldn't give me a sample from the murder site, which by the way is just jurisdictional bullshit."
Tripke: "You want it right now? Let's call it Exhibit D, shall we?"
BAB: "Hold on..."
Judge Root: "Hi, Alicia. Nice to see you again. And sorry, Becky Ann, but it's okay."

The murder site had a type of condom called "drummer silt clay loam," which is what was in Killer Hobo's shoes also. Oh, and we learn that Killer Hobo said he was never even at the concert, and also that drummer silt clay loam is like, a totally unique condom type.

Tripke: "Thanks for not listening when I said I didn't need you. Keep doing that."


Alicia: "Hey, Zach!"
Zach: "Why are you in my room? Is everything okay?"
Alicia: "Yeah, of course. I just love you. So anyway, how are you and Nisa doing? We haven't seen her in like two seasons, is she still fifteen?"
Zach: "Yeah. Do you hate her all of a sudden?"
Alicia: "Quite the opposite. It's just that..."
(One hundred years of awkward vibes.)
Alicia: "Listen, do you know about clay loam? Do we need to have that talk?"
Zach: "Jesus Christ, Mom! She's fifteen!"

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