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Battle Of The Proxies

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Alicia: "I was ChumHumming, and..."
Zach: "Talk to Grace. She's the one dating Hot Connor."
Alicia: "Oh, gross. Still? That guy is danger."
Zach: "Nice talk, though. Does it help that I would never, ever do anything that embarrassing on your computer? And that if I did, I would scrub the search cache?"
Alicia: "No, but also I don't know what that means, so. Bye?"


Admin: "Mrs. Florrick, Nick Savarese is in the conference room, drinking Perrier in a way that makes my flesh crawl."
Alicia: "Good God. Why?"
Admin: "I didn't ask. I thought he would hit me."

Nick: "I want Cary off my case."
Alicia: "We still represent you?"
Nick: "Yeah, and I want you now. Or one of the partners."
Alicia: "I'm super busy working for free for another lawyer right now. Is there anything in particular he has done to piss you off? Besides being himself."
Nick: "He accused me of running drugs."
Alicia: "That doesn't sound accurate."
Nick: "He came to my lot and told me that, as my lawyer and as a friend of the State's Attorney's office, he knew what I was doing. Using the cars we towed to move drugs."
Alicia: "That sounds more like him. And also pretty bad-ass. I'll be right back, okay?"

She heads out of there with purpose, but the second she's out of his Vibe Area, she rethinks it and is like, "You know what?"


Alicia: "Oh my gosh, Mr. Savarese, so I just talked to the partners and here's the thing. You are fired as a client."
Nick: "You already tried this, and they took me back immediately, complete with gift basket."
Alicia, indiscreetly: "Yeah, but um, that was when you had a $25M governmental bid."
Nick: "You didn't talk to the partners at all! It is a ruse!"
Alicia: "Whatever, sorry. Bye."
Nick: "You know what? Regardless of your relationship with the SA, we have attorney-client privilege. By which I mean, I will have you killed if you say anything about the drug deals."

Alicia's DGAF thing that's been happening all season becomes so intense that she bursts into flames, like Galadriel at Lothlórien when she's like, "I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but them I'm like mmmm... Better not."

Alicia: "Here's the thing, you little shit. Privilege is voided if I'm threatened. So let me ask you this, and I suggest you take a moment before answering. Are you threatening me?"

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