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Looking For Mr. Bitcoin

Just kidding, you know she's got some kind of plan or something. And I question how actionable the conflict waiver really is, considering the $30k price tag on even moving forward with that whole deal, but whatever it is. The important thing is the story, which is that right now Kalinda is being presented with a choice: Save Alicia or save Will. And anything she does is going to be shocking, based on the fact that that is a remarkably -- not to say contrived, because it works and I love it -- shitty position to be in for her. Which will last until exactly the beginning of the next episode, unless I miss my guess.


Kalinda: "Bao, why are you calling me? I have to decide between my only two friends."
Bao, verbatim: "I did a deeper analysis of the IP address where the recent embedding came from? I had to use a large data set because it was stored on an untrusted server and if I amortized the verifiable computation..."

Kalinda literally just goes, "NO." It's amazing. As is:

Bao: "The thing is, there was no protection on the source computer, so I traced it to the computer where the embedding was actually done."
Kalinda: "No protection? Certainly sounds like L/G. Did you know our entire IT department is one child?"
Bao: "Yeah, it's your computer."



Balaban: "I mean honestly that would be just as interesting or meaningful than any other possible scenario."
Kalinda: "On further reflection, I am almost sure I'm not Mr. Bitcoin. Occam's Razor notwithstanding."
Alicia: "I would like to bring the Treasury's attention to a common computer hacking practice called 'ghosting,' in which the hacker blah blah blee-blee bloo."

Balaban: "Look. Whoever you're representing, they're cool with setting up your firm for a federal crime."
Alicia & Kalinda: "That's a valid point, actually."


Kalinda: "Got time for a meeting in the ladies' room?"
Elaine: "We cryptographers are by nature a secretive breed."
Kalinda: "Okay, so who installed Skyrim on my computer or whatever it was that went down a minute ago."
Elaine: "Okay, I'm not the one who 'ghosted' your computer and 'time-coded' the 'delayed embedding' but I will tell you that whoever did it was technolooking to be cyberfound. They didn't even bother to cryptocover their cybertracks and somehow I can tell that they also were nanodoing something cybertechnological having to do with IP addresses. Has anybody had a long boring conversation with you about those lately?"
Kalinda: "Oh my God it's all I've had to listen to all week. But I know who you mean. Looks like another trip to Furrytown for Team Sharma."

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