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Looking For Mr. Bitcoin


New strategy: Prove Jason Biggs is innocent by demonstrating that Bob Balaban is still looking for Mr. Bitcoin. Meanwhile, who's at Alicia's house? Not Nisa, that's for sure.

Alicia: "Everything okay there?"
Zach: "Mommmmmm, you said that we should be seeing less of each other."
Alicia: "No, I said maybe you were moving too fast."
Zach: "That's what Grandma said too. She said that we should slow down, because we're ... too different."
Alicia: "The fuck you say?"
Zach: "That it wasn't a matter of race technically, just that I'm in private school and Nisa's not, and like, I tried to explain that you were raising us right and to be aware of my class privilege, but I'm not sure she really respects your parenting that much..."
Alicia: "You get that girl over here right now. I'm going out to a movie and I won't be back for a solid four hours. Here are some rubbers, wine's in the fridge."

Zach: "...Yeah, it's pretty sweet. Last time I got a car. Anyway, you can swing by any time. Best part is, I wasn't even actually lying! I guess I really am my father's son."


Kalinda: "Bao, I know you cyberghosted my IP addresses and that you wanted me to find you. It's because you are Mr. Bitcoin and you want to be discovered so that you can have sex with Occupy Wall Street."

I mean literally she says that: "Have you seen the Occupy Wall Street women? They're beautiful..."

Um, have you seen the Occupy Wall Street women? Because I don't know that we're talking about the same movement. Not that they're known for being ugly, but just... By definition when you're talking about 99% of a society, it's going to take more of a bell-curve shape, right? Sexiness-wise? Maybe that's her point. I have no idea what her point is. That nerds in this imaginary cryptographer world of people who can even hold a conversation -- much less deal with the semiotic onslaught that is an interaction with Kalinda Sharma -- they can still be led around by their little nerd boners.

Not saying that's untrue either, but it speaks to a lack of finesse or effort deeper in the story when you coast on those easy stereotypes, even when they're pretty much true. I don't have a dog in this fight -- I've spent years using nerds' sexual frustration to get things done, it is a very real force -- but the whole thing is just so shallow and silly and frustrating that a line like that really sticks out. The 72-virginsyness of it.

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