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I don't know that there's anything to conclude, since the judge-bribing thing is a smokescreen against Peter, but if we're looking at sheer corruption I think it's safe to say that Winter's got the fullest narrative going already, so it wouldn't really add spice to his portrayal if he somehow were a secret basketball-club-gambler-corrupt guy, like, on top of being a mammy person. Dunaway's only appeared lately and only in this season, but he's a totally interesting guy and he's the only one that's had a personal run-in with WSC, which made him act weird, and also reverses the whole race thing this show's always trying to pull. But Parks is likeable enough that he'd be the true shocker. I don't know what odds are or how you invent them or what they mean, but I would say Dunaway is three times likelier than Winter and five times likelier than Parks to be the most corrupt of the three, but whether or not that will ever matter the point is that Parks is the one with the problematic file, and the only really cool one.


You know, since that's all Elsbeth really needed, so she and Will immediately start acting like they've misplaced their minds entirely -- a different act from her usual one, but not by much -- and it's even funnier because it's the opposite but also kind of the same shit she pulled on Wendy last week, if you think about it. First the clean judges, now the dirty ones, and both times Wendy just handed it over.

To her credit, Wendy doesn't falter, just writes the meeting off and tells Dana to stop "cultivating" Kalinda as an agent and start planting shit with her. Meanwhile, Elsbeth interrupts her own question to Will -- about exactly what his vulnerabilities are -- to locate her own lost earring, which she finds in the field of heather, exactly to the right of where her desk used to be, and where now there leans a shipwrecked tugboat, daisies growing in the forecastle.


Alicia manages to sit still for most of the explanation of Bitcoin, which is to her credit considering any time technology exists in this world she gets flustered and starts pulling Baby Boomer mom shit. Nisa -- who is apparently still in the picture with Zach -- joins in a conversation about Bitcoins that is super fascinating and reiterates about how nobody knows who Mr. Bitcoin really is. Perhaps he's Japanese, maybe he's Irish, maybe he's some hot lady Kalinda's gonna sleep with. You just never know.

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