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Looking For Mr. Bitcoin

Anyway, fervid technobabble greets us -- "so hieroglyphics were the first cryptograms!" and shit like that -- as Kalinda makes her way through the crowd to find the woman she googlewhacked so she can take her in the ladies' and googlewhack her some more, probably. If I know Kalinda.


Kalinda: "Hey, we're all alone in here."
Elaine Middleton, MIT: "Yeah, because there is only one woman who has ever touched a computer and it's me."
Kalinda: "The silence and the sexiness in here is deafening. Anyway, I googlewhacked you and have decided you are Mr. Bitcoin."
Elaine: "You'll have to googlewhack harder than that, because actually it is a Chinese man who is here at the conference."
Kalinda: "Cool! Listen, is he sexually frustrated and socially inept?"
Elaine: "Uh, have you ever seen a TV show before?"

Dana: "Hey, Kalinda. I haven't been on this show in a bit."
Kalinda: "Look who you're talking to. What do you want?"
Dana: "Could you meet me at that fern bar where we always act gay?"


How funny would it be if your go-to improv character was like, a guy who always early-adopts the wrong thing?

"I stayed at the Crestview Priority Inn last November, and paid for it with Bitcoin. I stayed in that night, just listening to my Zune and watching movies on my Betamax. I was in Crestview to buy some Sony MiniDiscs, as I recall."


Alicia: "Mr. Crestview Priority Inn? I need you to come to Chicago and explain that the Bitcoin purchases this dork made were part of a one-time promotional thing that in retrospect was regrettably nerdy and not even about to happen... Sure, I'll hold."

Alicia: "Hey, Zach? Could you fall back with the Nisa thing? I wasn't even sure you were dating and now you're tossing the word Love around, and..."
Zach: "Mom, I can't believe you're saying this. Me and Grace, we just love black people! Gah."
Alicia: "This is not about race, this is about you getting a girl pregnant. Or getting bad grades, or... I'm not entirely clear on what all it's about, I just know that throwing words around like that means a lot of intensity and stuff we should probably discuss soon."
Zach: "I was really hoping the race card would work."
Alicia: "That just proves how young you still are... Yes, Mr. Crestview Priority Inn? No, I'm sorry you heard that... No, no, I'm not a racist. The Florricks love black people! Love 'em."

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