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She thinks it's Peter, but you know it's not Peter. Not on this show, it would never be a man on this show. Not when it's about the house. A house. Any home. I must admit, I leapt to Grace because she fucks everything up all the time -- even Alicia picks up a framed photo of Peter with the kids, smirking as usual -- but by the end of this scene, I was pretty sure which Florrick we were talking about. In an episode full of people pulling strings behind the scenes -- the old white men of the IPRA, Lana using the IRS, Alicia herself manipulating a lady because she's the one that pulls them even -- you go to the top. And who pulls Peter's strings? Often without even telling him? Often seemingly just to fuck with Alicia?


Oh no wait. We're still watching The Good Wife. On CBS, a national television broadcaster which has existed since 1927 which is longer than TV itself has existed, and still doesn't seem to understand the fact that TV shows are broadcast on it.

These kids with their Twitter and Nintendo I tell ya, why, I remember the days you'd just turn on the radio and be satisfied with whatever they gave you. Sometimes it was news about our boys in Korea, sometimes it was somebody selling dish soap on a variety revue, or a comedy serial about a colored gentleman and his mixed-up daffy wife. You took what you were offered, and you goddamn well loved it.


Will: "Are you holding my seat because of loyalty?"
Diane: "You would do the same."
Will: "Darling, I am sorry to say I would not."
Diane: "Yeah you would. Think about it. They're a bunch of children and I'm the Mommy. Tell them they can't have a toy, they just want it more. But you're the Daddy: You know if they had it they would just break it. Which is why they cannot have it."

Oh my God. Diane Lockhart.

Will: "Oh my God, Diane Lockhart. Okay, so really it's both. You are so effing smart."
Diane: "Cain and Gold are allied, and calling another vote. Any more shiny shit we can throw at them?"
Will: "Oh, my idea is way more fucked up than that."
Diane: "Love it already."


Alicia: "...Peter, you need to call me back after one of these seventeen messages, so that I can politely murder your ass over the phone. Love ya!"

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