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Alicia: "Okay, I'm writing this down in my notebook of things you may be lying about."

Kalinda: "Also, Diane wants to talk to you about your A plot this week."
Alicia: "Fine. But you realize we're going to have to play through this song and dance with each of your many giant sketchy checks? This isn't like you will be able to write off baseball bats and whore boots as a business expense and the whole thing goes away."
Kalinda: "Frankly I'm just happy to be talking to you. I'll gladly stretch this thing out until Bob Balaban and Donna Brazile somehow get involved."
Alicia: "The guest star involved in this mess is even more bizarre than that, but I appreciate your agenda."


Needs to sit on a titular Blue Ribbon Panel, or IPRA, which she explains to [us] is an Independent Police Review Authority which investigates things like police shootings after IA is done? I think? It includes judges, preachers, and -- usually -- Diane as the token woman or Republican or whatever they need to convince themselves they're giving it their full attention.

Alicia: "Are you sure? I tend to go off half-cocked sometimes."
Diane: "Yeah, you're a firebrand. A real live wire. Uh, I think it'll be okay. Just submit to the institutionalized apathy, keep that pretty mouth shut, and remember to bring your vagina."
Alicia: "Done! Much like every other time you've given me a thoughtful gift that turned out to include surprise vipers and serpents, I have no idea how thoroughly this is going to bite us both in the ass, so I'm grateful and a bit chuffed. On that note, thanks for my raise and the bonus that I'll never know how many favors you called in to get me."
Diane: "I hope it helps you buy that house you obviously should not buy."
Alicia: "Listen, hubris doesn't hit my Word of the Day calendar until Friday."


Is a total Boys' Club, of course. Several white judges -- including Dunaway and Winter, who were part of that whole "remember every judge that was ever on this show" debacle that ensured we'd never forget their connection to Will and/or reputations for moral rectitude -- and a Matthew Perry guy named Mike Kresteva who is just terrifying, and Charles S. Dutton as the, well...

Roc: "So, you're the Woman? I'm the Black."
Alicia: "That makes me nervous how you said that. Oh, and hell. Harvey Winter and Peter Dunaway. I just walked into the Star Chamber of male-run local politics. I can already see myself fucking this all kinds of up."

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