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Cary: "This shooting came to us two weeks ago, when I was Deputy still, and yeah. We asked about the drop gun."
Mike: "So you thought maybe he'd held onto this drop gun for two years just in case? And then you dropped it, in turn."
Cary: "After consulting with the SA..."
Mike: "-- The one they call Peter 'Mr. Big' Florrick?"
Cary: "...Yeah. And so after consultation, our office concluded it was just an unfortunate coincidence."
Mike: "Like how guns and black people go together so much of the time?"
Cary: "If there were race issues in play -- and you know Matan's black, right? -- they weren't mine. My only race issue is, I don't get to have sex with women of color nearly as much as I'd like. Which would optimally be all of the time."
Mike: "Respect."

IPRA: "But like, don't you think it's weird that a person running for Illinois governor would quelch a racially sensitive case right before he announces his candidacy?"
Cary, verbatim: "I can't answer that. But I can be offended by that."
IPRA: "Okay, and who else was in that meeting, Mr. Deputy?"
Cary: "Not a deputy anymore."
IPRA: "Okay, Mr. Regular. Who else was there?"
Cary: "It was me, and the SA..."
IPRA: "Yeeeeesssss?"
Cary: "And Eli Gold."
Alicia: "Mother fuck."


Peter has taken the kids to that one restaurant I swear he always takes them -- am I making this up? -- when Alicia shows up at the door, interrupting him being adorable with them and cutting into their five seconds of screentime.

Alicia: "You're not returning my calls. That's not fair."
Peter: "It's a bad idea for us to talk right now. Obviously."
Alicia: "Peter, this is so wrong..."
Peter: "What? We're fine. I just thought it was better to avoid you because..."
Alicia: "Peter! So help me God!"
Peter: "They're just doing what they have to do, dude."
Alicia: "If you so much as... Wait, what?"

Peter: "I knew they would connect the dots back to me on the race stuff, especially once your meddling ass got involved, and I knew that you would break confidentiality about it the second I called you back. I know you incredibly well and I know this presses each and every one of your buttons."

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