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See Me Bare My Teeth For You

Alicia: "No! I mean yeah, but no. I'm here to yell at you about something else."
Peter: "Honestly, I'm happy to say I haven't done anything disgusting this week."

Alicia: "Besides buying that house like the controlling beast you -- and by extension, and to all evidence this week -- all men are?"
Peter: "Bitch I ain't buyin' you a house, you threw me out! What are you talking about? That old house is for sale? Why in God's name would..."
Alicia: "...Somebody named Florrick bought our old house. And it wasn't you, it wasn't me, so..."

Ah. She abruptly bounces.

Peter: "What is happening right now? Where are you going?"
Alicia, verbatim for once: "TO BUY A GUN!"

Is she kidding? Is she for real? Man, when it's Jackie you got yourself a coin-flip.


Eli: "[Long rambling preamble -- preambling! -- plus a few bitchy volleys with David Lee] and so now I want to back Julius Cain for name partner. He best exemplifies the ... um ... Things. That we want. As a firm. Whatever."
Julius: "You're both selfless and an accomplished public speaker."
David Lee, awesomely: "Please, you probably flipped a coin or something."

Will: "Point of interest?"
Eli: "What is that? What does that mean when you say that?"
David Lee: "It means they can do whatever the hell they want. Mommy and Daddy got us again."
Will: "Oh, but let me show you how. Who can name the person in this room with the highest seniority?"
David Lee: "Easy, it's me."
Will: "Girl, no it is not."

With blinding speed and ecstasy-inspiring sweetness, Howard Lyman is so moved, seconded, voted and in. Welcome to Lockhart/Lyman. The rest of the equity partners greet you with some seriously welcoming arms.


This is where Mike Kresteva gets her alone and goes from being a complicated person -- like Alicia, like Judge Winter, like everybody -- to being a full-on mystery of a person. Part Bond Villain, part Phantom of the Courthouse, part Colin Sweeney, part Diane Lockhart.

Mike: "I have two reports before me. In one, we pass it up the line and nothing was weird."
Alicia: "A lie."
Mike: "In the other, we follow the drop gun all the way to Peter's involvement. Messy."

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