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Julius Cain agrees, and then Eli ropes him into a whole other fight about how Will Gardner shouldn't be profit-sharing while he's not practicing law, which is I guess connected in the sense that Will's "I'm in the office as a business partner, nothing more" is a huge lie, but is also pretty clearly a feint, to attack him in a way that seems related to, and of a piece with, the conversation -- but is actually neither.

Oh, did I mention Will is fully sitting there while they are pulling this shit? Yeah. So he finally asks Diane for a sidebar and Eli objects to this because Eli -- c.v. Alicia's confusion between legal and administrative, above -- thinks this is some kind of courtroom, and Diane laughs at him. I like how they keep pointing up Eli's confusion about how things work here, both in the courtroom and in these ubiquitous meetings, because it's semi-realistic (A spin doctor/crisis manager wouldn't know Robert's Rules, maybe, but a campaign manager? Didn't British people invent Parliamentary Procedure? It's even in the name!) and because it's hilarious and because it gives Alan Cumming something to do. "Objection!" Heh. "Overruled! And this isn't court, also!"

Will: "How'm I looking?"
Diane: "You're letting them see you sweat. Never do that, fool."
Will: "Are they staring at us right now?"
Diane: "It is getting Shakespearian up in here."
Will: "Are they ever going to stop with this shit? I mean, as long as they're at each other's throats..."
Diane: "They already figured that out, lady. The whole infighting storyline was designed to last exactly this long."


So the guy's son (early 20's) was there when his dad got killed, but he kind of refuses to talk about it because it's very upsetting and it happened not so long ago. Oh, and horribly enough for a coincidental ripped from the headlines story, the shooter's name is Zimmerman. It's so weird when this show accidentally does that, which it regularly does, but this is just... Ugh. Normally I would go into a whole thing about IA and why these IPRA things are important, but it's just too much of a bummer this week. Although I have to say, Al Sharpton has almost perfected his transit of going so crazy that he comes out the other side looking more sane than anybody else, in a continually shortening orbit: His suggestion that white people start wearing hoodies more often, in protest, actually brought tears to my eyes.

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