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West Nile Is Not Just A Virus In Egypt

Will: "And what did you motherfucking say about it?"
Cary: "Nothing, I just listened. He went on and on. It was super cute, but you know, I worry. L'il fella's gonna have a heart attack!"
L/G: "More like a sneak attack, if he doesn't lay off. Are you prepared to be our double agent, being his boyfriend by day and our bitch by night?"
Cary: "I thought that was what I was doing."
L/G: "How about testifying on our side in this mediation shit he set up?"
Cary: "Sigh. I just know it's gonna end in tears. His. And then probs mine. I hate it when he cries."


Alicia: "Two-thirty, and here we eggsucking are once again."
Louis: "You take a walk and I'll notify you when he comes."
Alicia: "Ha! Good one. Listen, how's your dying friend? Heard from him?"
Louis: "No, why?"
Alicia: "Because maybe you should call him because maybe he's dead, maybe he dropped dead."
Louis: "...What the fuck?"

Alicia: "Oh sorry, am I upsetting you? Listen, how's the eulogy coming? For your stupid friend who's probably already dead, and probably didn't even like you that much in the first place because you're awful. Maybe you should ask Simone for help."
Louis: "Ah. You met my wife."
Alicia: "She's fucking great."
Louis: "She's my better half!"
Alicia: "She's your only half. I don't even what I mean by that, but it sounded bitchy and that's how I'm feeling so I'm good with it. And she never heard of your dead roommate."
Louis: "I don't tell her everything."
Alicia: "Like your lies? You don't share your soulless lies with her?"
Louis, verbatim: "No. Those I save for you."

They both laugh. It's all she really needed, she's not all that judgey once you just come out with it. It's the not-knowing, feeling like a fool. Feeling suspended between rightness and foolishness, that's the thing she can't abide. What Peter did; what Kalinda did, too. In some ways it feels better knowing the truth. She doesn't have to hold it against him anymore, now that he's finally admitted it. They've come back to reality together.

Alicia: "What was even the point? You are a freak."
Louis: "I just wanted to have something to say. Like, to connect with you on some kind of emotional level. What I'm trying to say is, I was bored. I am awful, and I got bored. Sorry about your dad."

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The Good Wife




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