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West Nile Is Not Just A Virus In Egypt

Alicia: "How does a bastard like you end up with such a wonderful wife?"
Lous: "Women like bastards. Didn't you notice that? It's like a challenge."

Oh, she noticed. It's in the title of her TV show; it's the headline of her life. It wears earrings, and kisses her daughter every morning. Every girl grows up thinking she's going to tame the tiger; every single person grows up thinking the tiger exists somewhere outside our bodies, and we go looking and looking for it, and when we find it we have the balls to complain that it bit us. Again and again and again. Women don't like bastards, people do. And even then it's not that, really: It's just that we secretly don't believe too many bastards really exist. Everybody else is just a toad waiting to get kissed. Not a tiger at all. Not a beast.

Alicia: "That is so cynical and so accurate to my situation, oh my God Louis, oh my God I might throw up Louis. I am having a ball right now. I am officially punchy."
Alicia: "Oh, there's Godot now!"

Louis barely meets her eyes before she's grinning that hard grin, still loathe to relinquish her delirious hilarity in the wake of this absurd overextension, and snatching up her stuff. "Let the record show Mr. Ingersol's refused to attend a court-mandated deposition for the fourth time..."

Louis complains that Wilkes was only a minute away this time, and she's just like, "Oh, for real? Cool story" and then hands him the re-re-revised CDC report about the various kinds of mosquito.

Alicia: "You can read that tonight, before our ten o'clock pretend meeting. Where the judge is going to be super pissed about all the delays anyway, and also you just lost your case, so maybe you should come up with a better strategy."

Immediately, of course, he does.


Martha: "Kaley! I just learned all about mosquitos. I bet you know more than most fifteen-year-olds do about them, since they destroyed your life, but did you know about all these kinds?"
Cary: "Stop being a bitch. She's not a baby, stop talking to her like that. Like a baby."
Martha: "I know you're sensitive to that, ya little charmer, sittin' there in your big-boy suit, but point taken."

Martha: "Okay so this is the kind of mosquito that carries West Nile -- we didn't even know about this until your attorneys pointed it out, so thanks guys -- and then over here I have diagrams of the infected swimming pools they lived in..."

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