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West Nile Is Not Just A Virus In Egypt

L/G: "So you're agreeing to all that suddenly? Yay. Or boo? Or yikes! Go on."
Martha: "Now, I've lined out on these property diagrams how far each pool is from the fence. Got that?"
Kaley: "Yeah, I've seen a diagram before."
Martha: "Interestingly enough, the Ædes ægypti is peridomestic. They can't fly more than fifty feet. And see on these diagrams, that means even if all five pools were just seething, swarming, fleshpots of disease... They'd never get over the fence. Did the mountain in this case, Kaley, did the mountain come to Mohammad? Did you climb the fence, with your little ballerina legs that used to work so very well, absolving us from liability for your criminal trespass? Are you in fact to blame for everything that has befallen yourself and your family? Aren't you the stinker here, a little bit?"
Kaley: "Aw, damn. You got me. You guys, the bitch got me."


Serafina: "My name is Mediatrix Serafina Norvey, I'm played by the super weird and awesome Tamara Tunie, and I will not be having any of your mess. Are we clear."
L/G/H: "Yes."
Serafina: "I said are we clear."
L/G/H: "Yes!"
Serafina: "Great. Now Mr. Hayden, it says here that Ms. Lockhart and Mr. Gardner hurt your wittle feelings after you forced them to torpedo a very nasty merger in which you were prepared to sell them piece by piece to an enemy who would then suck the very marrow and raven-ripped flesh from their bones?"

Hayden: "It was a good merger! It would have solved the problem!"
L/G: "A merger which overstepped your authority and our entire arrangement, yes."
Hayden: "My job was to satisfy the terms set down by the court..."
L/G: "Actually, it was against the terms of the court, in that it did not honor the original timeframe, plus it worked to undermine our progress."
Hayden, nasty: "What progress?"
L/G: "Um, the tons of money we've brought in since Will came back?"
Serafina: "Oh yeah? Cool, like how much?"
L/G: "$20 million of the $60 we owe. In like ten minutes we did this. And we're very close to finishing up another $10 on this West Nile thing, which means half."
Hayden: "They are not 'very close,' they're in deposition..."
Will: "Oh my God, you little idiot. If you were a lawyer and not just assuming that you are the Great Brain of Everything, you'd know that negotiations happen in deposition because you don't want to go to court... Mediatrix, if we had a trustee who understood the law..."

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