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West Nile Is Not Just A Virus In Egypt

Clarke: "Didn't I offer to pay you? And you refused."
Cary: "Of course."
Clarke: "Did I ever state or imply that you would be afforded preferential treatment for your help?"
Cary: "Not with this one thing, no."
Clarke: "Did I ever state or imply that you would be penalized if you refused to help me?"
Cary, again multivalent: "No sir. You did not."

They do both seem pretty close to tears, at this point. Not in my joke about how they are in love, but in actual reality: Cary, frankly, closer to Clarke. All Clarke has to lose is his dignity, at this point. But Cary's affection for the old weirdo is leveraged against so many other things that he's losing an entire friend: "It's not that I didn't like you, it's that I was scared of you also, and you are coming after my people, and not in a way that works to my advantage. You are a toxic association at this point, which renders the rest of it meaningless. You are asking me to shame you, and I am going to have to do it."

"Just because we're friends in study hall doesn't mean we can hang out after school," kind of. "I'd invite you out more often if you just made an effort," almost. The kind of fight where the question has to beg itself, because one word rips the whole thing apart. And there's no explaining that: "So you never actually cared about me" is the only question Clarke is asking, but it's so far off-base that the answer has to be No, because it's the wrong question.

And all Clarke Hayden can see, stretched out across that whole horizon, is that Diane Lockhart and Will Gardner have, once again, locked ranks to make him look bad. Done whatever they can -- can't you see how it lines up for him? -- to make sure that he looks as foolish as possible, downright unethical, because of their obsession with winning, with beating the bad guy. With beating him, no matter how he tries to help. And honestly, at this point, he's almost correct. You can't see a man down like this, a spiral like this, and not change your approach, or else you're part of the problem: Asking somebody for something you know they can't give you is the biggest failure of compassion there is.


Kalinda: "Sooo... They're not just dodging because of the merger. Wilkes is here getting experimental cancer treatments for non-Hodgkins."
L/G: "...Which isn't public knowledge. And he runs a publicly traded company, so."

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