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West Nile Is Not Just A Virus In Egypt

Alicia: "So let's use it. Poor old dude."

A scuffle! A sound of a million wings, the piercing gaze of a million eyes, a light brighter than heaven and louder than hell. It is Wendy Scott-Carr! She comes for your documents!

Diane: "Ms. Scott-Carr. Do you have an appointment?"
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Eli operated his crisis management firm out of these offices, which makes Lockhart/Gardner open to investigation as well..."
Diane: "That's tenuous. Bizarrely tenuous, really."
Wendy Scott-Carr: "Well, if it weren't for your warning shot with Tobin I wouldn't have had time to get this warrant. Which you can go ahead and shove anywhere you like."


Louis: "This time I mean it!"
Alicia: "Ugh. I am too hung over for this bullshit."
Wilkes: "No, I am really here. You look great."
Alicia: "You look like you have total cancer. Did you know it's an SEC violation to withhold an illness from shareholders?"
Louis: "Um, objection?"
Alicia: "Noted, motherfucker. Wilkes, are you aware that's an SEC violation."
Wilkes: "Sure. But who cares?"
Alicia: "Um, your doctor that I totally talked to, for one..."
Louis: "Have you no decency, sir?"
Alicia: "Oh, fuck you. Say it in my eulogy."

Alicia: "Court Reporter, do you mind bouncing?"
Court Reporter: "My name's Mika. Hey, remember how your whole thing earlier was about embarrassing Louis with the housekeepers he overlooked as subhuman? I've been in exactly as many of these scenes as you have, diligently doing my invisible job, getting my time wasted just like you, so. Just for the record. I mean, not the record -- that's my job, apparently it's my entire identity actually -- but like, for your personal record. Of whether or not you're a dick."
Alicia: "Yee. Point taken, girl. I am really sorry about that. Good call."

Alicia: "So you're defrauding the public, that's fine. Your health is your own. But listen, do you want me to tell everybody?"
(Such staring.)
Alicia: "I mean we've been negotiating this shit for years at this point. We can end this whole thing right now. Approve the settlement."

More staring. Canning gives in with as much grace as he can muster, and wiggles his fingers at Ingersol as if to say hello to defeat.

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The Good Wife




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