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West Nile Is Not Just A Virus In Egypt

(Spoiler alert, this is also a trick! He has tricks within tricks! Louis Canning! He will piss on your leg and tell you it's raining, but also somehow will have managed to make it rain, in secret! Attractive nuisance!)


Will: "Guys? $12M settlement, $3M to us."
Diane: "Good deal. Pass my approval on to Alicia. Now, Eli. The main deal about Wendy Scott-Carr infiltrating our defenses is that we can't be your lawyer now. Get it?"
Eli: "I already tried to figure out a way that wouldn't be true, and yeah. Got it."
Diane: "I've already called the top three lawyers in Chicago -- probably they are people that have already been on this show, come to think of it -- so we'll see. Maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be Elsbeth, and she can take you on a unicorn ride to Cupcakeland or whatever."

Jordan, unfathomable Jordan: "Guys! Do you know where that old guy is?"
Eli: "I'm right here, kid."
Jordan, horse-rockin' Jordan: "Let's talk about debate prep, Eli! Maddie Hayward is doing it all the time! But you don't have Peter down for prep hardly at all!"
Eli: "I don't even... Whatever. I don't know what to do. Like with my entire life."

The funny thing is that Cumming (1965) isn't even ten years older than Knight (1973) in real life, so I guess we're also artificially spacing them apart age-wise, in addition to height-wise. I like the idea that Jordan is Eli's Kid Problem given hideous, adorable life, like, if the only thing Eli can't handle is kids, how about a giant genius grown-up kid who still acts all golly-willikers about everything. Maybe? I don't actually know at all what Jordan really is yet. Besides marvelous.


Will: "We got a settlement for $12M today..."
Diane: "And meanwhile, Encinal Equity has completed their purchase of our debt."
L/G: "They're invested in our financial health, and we intend to honor that commitment! Plus America! But not Clarke Hayden, who can suck a fattie."
Serafina: "I get it, Clarke. You wanted a huge merger under your belt, and you maybe even thought you were helping. But if the financial community has faith in management, that's enough for me. Five weeks from now, if these crazy kids haven't gotten their act together, you can try and play with the big boys again. Until then they keep their jobs, and so will you."

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