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Dana: "Okay, here's the camera. What are we looking at?"
Kalinda: "The day she disappeared, let's see the corner where Packer said the guy died."
Dana: "There's the victim. Want to see his replacement the next night?"
Kalinda: "Yeah, there he is. That's the guy. Let's find him, he's the murderer."
Dana: "Hey, so what's the Baxter situation?"
Kalinda, verbatim: "They had a falling out. He was a corrupt judge. Will got him thrown off the bench."
Dana: "No, our office got him thrown off the bench. Gardner didn't do crap."

...Yeah, that's valid. Anyway, Kalinda tells Dana to reopen the case and find this guy who replaced the dead fellow, but you know Kalinda's going to solve this already solved crime.


Ugh. So they do it. They get the priest, the mom, everybody. And the weird thing is that Diane is now co-counsel, so abutted against those last two scenes she's talking this mad mess about how great Ricky Packer is, and how he grew up poor and with diseases and his mom is a bitch and all of these lies. And again, it's like, so weirdly edited and put together that you can't really tell if Diane knows she's lying, or that they're perjuring themselves, or if Alicia and Coyne just forgot to tell her that even God hates this dude, or what.

Actually you know what, I am kind of glad about that. The writer in me is unimpressed that we did this without a segue so you don't know the intent of Diane's scene here, but as a person who likes everybody on this show I am kind of glad to get no resolution on that one, because there is no answer that is okay. Either Diane is playing the fool here, or she is "playing" the fool, and either way makes me sad:

Father Jim: "I'm here to say that Ricky Packer's a good person. He's a redeemable person. He has been led astray, and I take it as my own person failing that I didn't lead him back."


Alicia, outside: "Motherfucker, he is not a good person."
Father Jim: "No. No, he is not. But he's one awful dude who might get psych help if he gets a stay, versus an institutionalized system state-sanctioned murder. Easy call."

And usually it's red-flagged, but this instance makes me wonder if we're meant to parallel this next question out; if she's asking about white lies, the greater good, all that:

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