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Cary Says: "Kalinda's trying to get to me through you!"
Cary Means: That. But also, he means that she's just working a new mole in the SA, now that he told her to screw off. Both, he means both. For Cary, Kalinda will always be both, and that's the thing he loves and also the thing that makes him so angry. If somebody knew which it was, it would be Kalinda, but she's the last person you could ask. And the truth is, she would never say. But she wouldn't know either.

Dana Says: "Yeah. And it's working."
Dana Means: Mostly the former.

For such a gutwrenching scene, they kept their cool okay. I like this Dana. She's a cool cat. Of course I love Cary, but he's so Cary that I was worried if they ever settled on a person she might get outshined. Based on this scene, I think it'll be okay:

Dana Says: "Figure out what you want, Cary, then we can talk."
Dana Means: "Figure out what you want, Cary, then we can talk."

Cary Says: "I don't want her."
Cary Means:


While Jackie continues going through Alicia's entire life -- including a very hilarious, very long contretemps with turning on a laptop that is so purely about Mary Beth Peil being amazing I can't even go into it -- Cary and Kalinda meet up at Mace's house, for the raid on him about the murder. SWAT all around, they chat about the case for a second, but then she gets mean on him. Or manipulative, or... She does Kalinda Things now.

Cary: "So, you talk to ASA Lodge these days?"
Kalinda: "Yeah. You too, huh?"
Cary: "What are you doing?"
Kalinda: "What am I doing?"
Cary, almost begging: "Yeah."
Cary: "Don't, okay? Don't."

Kalinda, realizing she pushed too far: "Cary look, ASA Lodge approached me. She gave me her card. If you have a problem with that, then you need to sort that out with her."
Cary: "She's not the one I mistrust."
Kalinda, honestly stung: "Go to hell, Cary. Do you think that...?"

Everything explodes inside the raid, and bullets fly everywhere. Cary throws his tiny body on top of her, and they tumble off her boots and onto the concrete. Bodies don't lie. Mace jumps to the ground, right beside them, from an upper window; for a second they could die. Cary keeps his arm across her body, like that could save her. Lying in the broken glass. But Mace is already dead. He falls onto the sidewalk a yard or two away from them.

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