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Eli: "What's going on there?"
Alicia: "He killed his girlfriend or something. Why are you bugging me?"
Eli: "My computer's acting up again!"
Alicia: "That doesn't sound very important, except that we've been noticing our computers acting up again all season, so either this is just a narrative way of explaining Zach's continued presence in a law firm, or Skynet has us in its sights. We will see."
Eli: "I hope it has to do with Derrick Bond and Lemond Bishop. Anyway, really I was just dragging you out of your job that you are doing so that you can be human furniture again in a meeting with that adorable James Carville analogue."

Eli: "Formerly likeable daughter, you need to bounce. I have to have a meeting in here."
Marissa: "Along with phone and Chinese Wall, the Kings that run this show have a weird idea with how children behave sometimes. For example, I am now an asshole. Maybe they are secretly British and think this is what kids are like. All I know is, I deserve a smack in my smart little mouth every time I open it in this episode."
Alicia: "From the people who brought you Grace Florrick."

Marissa: "I don't want my mom, Parker Posey, to run for State Senate. The reason is that she is a lunatic."
Eli: "I can't give you the deets, but trust me when I say I told her that."
Marissa: "Really? Because what you said, through the filter of her crazy, is that she vetted just fine and probably will be the President one day."
Eli: "Of course she did. She's already the President of Osama bin Laden semen. Get out of my office."
Marissa: "Blah blah blah."
Eli: "Get out of here. Please. You give me a headache and I have to use Alicia Florrick as human furniture."
Marissa: "They'll talk about your divorce, and how I'm the product of a broken home, and how I'm dating a Communist."
Eli: "Christ, you are the worst."

Mickey Gunn: "Why am I here? Besides to be adorable."
Eli: "I have a problem with your candidate that used to be a Republican and whatever, that you used me to vet him and now want to continue to use me to Eli him."
Mickey: "Eli, you said it was okay! I want to run him for lower office -- for eg., State Senate, but I haven't mentioned that yet or how it will mess things up with Parker Posey -- in order to gear up for 2016. Hey, St. Alicia. This must be bad."
St. Alicia: "When you call me that it makes me upset on the outside but secretly proud on the inside."
Eli: "It is mostly okay but I have this messed up picture."
Mickey: "This picture is awesome but I see what you mean."

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