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We don't get to see the picture yet, but trust that it is awesome.

Mickey: "Hey, I heard you guys were under investigation. I won't put my candidate in the hands of some firm that's going under indictment."
(Serendipitously right then a horde of cops, Stormtroopers, all manner of shit going on behind him.)
Alicia: Shudders and tries to think of how best to body-check him if he turns around right then.
Eli: "What? No way. We are growing! Blooming!"
Alicia: "Yes. A rumor is often a sign of jealous competitors. Or a looming indictment because of my husband's jealousy. Sometimes because of Glenn Childs or Lemond Bishop, but usually it's a Peter thing."


Kalinda is, of course, going through Cary's shit all alone in his office.

Dana: "Hey, have we met? It's my last day. I'm Dana Lodge."
Kalinda, twinkling: "I'm Kalinda Sharma, and you are hot."
Dana: "So, you're just trying to steal those Adrianne Iver crime scene photos, yes? Let's giggle and look at them together."
Kalinda, sparkling: "Done and done."
Dana: "Adrianne Iver, a 28-year-old flight attendant, quit her job after her boyfriend proposed... Oh wait, you totally represent her boyfriend Tom LaVere, don't you?"
Kalinda, incandescent: "You're gaming me! That's adorable. Let's keep flirting."

Dana: "What I think happened is, they fought and she tried to flee to Canada, so Tom shot her with his Walther P99 handgun."
Kalinda, adorable: "'Walther P99 handgun' is this episode's 'Chinese Wall.'"
Dana: "Yeah. So my scenario is that he buried the body here, and then coincidentally the Almighty Vice Lords picked the same pit to bury a 22nd Disciple. Hey, are you and Cary in love?"
Kalinda, doing sexy jazz-hands: "Not exactly."
Dana: "Are we in love?"

Kalinda: "...Yeah, so my scenario is that LaVere was worried about her safety. They'd just gotten burglarized so he gave her his Walther P99 handgun and she had it in her glove compartment..."
Dana: "Okay?"
Kalinda, no stranger to the three-hole punch: "And so she's driving, she comes across a gangland slaying..."
Dana: "-- Happens all the time..."
Kalinda, doing the robot: "She reaches into the glove compartment for the Walther P99 handgun and gets stopped by your Almighty Vice Lord, who took the gun..."
Dana: "And he shoots her with her own gun. And then other folks."
Kalinda, in panties and a garter: "Yep. Two connected murders. You solve this, you'll know who killed Adrianne Iver."
Dana: "Except we already closed this case. Maurice Johnson, aka 'AKA.'"
Kalinda, jumping on a trampoline: "How droll."

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