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Dana: "What do you want? Why did you 'phone' me on my 'phone'?"
Kalinda: "First, to make out. Second, to get footage from a blue light camera."
(A what? Dana, phrase your answer for us here at home.)
Dana: "Now why would you want access to our anti-gang cameras? Also known as what you said before."
Kalinda: "For on this one drug corner about that murder you already solved."
Dana: "But we already solved it."
Kalinda: (Ties a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue.)
Dana: "Okay fine, but you have to give me something."
Kalinda: "Oh, I'll give you something, all right. Several somethings, in a row, without stopping."
Dana: "Let's put a pin in that and talk about this ridiculous boner my boss has for Will Gardner, your only friend in this world."
Kalinda: "Nope. Peace out."

Dana, verbatim: "...Okay, Kalinda, I know how you work. You get want you want without giving back, and that's just not gonna happen here. You want your back scratched? I have an itch."
Kalinda: "...I'm listening. Suddenly, again, I am listening."
Dana: "He had a friend, Judge Baxter. We need to know the nature of their relationship."

Ugh. I've been dreading this one coming back again, because it's the saddest, grossest thing that's ever happened on this show in my opinion. ("In my opinion.") Baxter was the "Lifeguard" one, in that conspiracy of judges that basically broke Diane's heart. Remember? Diane was going to be a judge and Will was all happy about being the only person left out of the original S,L,G troika. Also kind of sad.

Baxter was the hot racist that wouldn't take that little boy's plea that time, so he would go to juvie, so Alicia went after him for racist patterns. They told her not to talk to Will about it, just Diane, which was because Will was hanging out with Baxter, and he was talking about how Will was sleeping with Alicia, and at some point Will gave or had given Baxter $120,000, which is why he was still friends with such a dick. (I don't remember that part so well, because I was still infuriated about the privatized kid-lockdown stuff, which makes me see red just to think about.)

So the Lifeguards circled the wagons, and suddenly his wife had been raped by a guy that it turned out, was a heavy that was collecting on Baxter's debts, which he knew about. It was gross upon gross, and that scary lady was one of them, and luckily Diane got her later. Anyway, Baxter went to jail and Diane wasn't ever going to be a judge, and we realized that everybody is an asshole on this entire earth.

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