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Retreat To Advance

Will: "Feels good, huh."
Diane: "Winning? Shit yeah."
Will: "No. Having nothing to lose. Welcome to the lifeboat."
Diane: "Rawr!"


Eli: "Okay, volunteers. Having gotten a look at you I can safely say that you're in no danger of Surprise Peter Sex. So just hand out these t-shirts and make everybody feel valued, important and useful."
Mandy Post: "Helllloooo Eli."
Eli: "Oh Christ, what now. What now, Mandy Post."
Mandy Post: "I worked on that story for two months and you ruined it with a single conversation."
Eli: "Two months of made-up nonsense, taken down with the power of reality. Get your ass together, Mandy Post."
Mandy Post: "I still believe that she was sexually harassed or seduced by power or some crazy shit that will probably turn out to be true."
Eli: "Oh, Mandy Post. I know you think I must relish this moment, but it gives me no pleasure wasting my time to prove you wasted yours. Have a free t-shirt or a sausage or something and just chill."

Jackie: "Alicia, hello."
Alicia: (Quick visual check for weaponry.)
Jackie, tearing up!: "The two of us, I know we haven't always seen eye to eye, but I just want you to know how much... I'm sorry I doubted you, Alicia. Standing by Peter the way you're doing. He needs you now. And I'm just... I'm just so glad you're there for him."
Alicia, worried: "Oh, no. What the fuck is wrong with you."

Jimmy V: "Is this Eli Gold? I am Jimmy V. I run a political blog..."
Eli: "Let me just hand you over to absolutely anybody..."
Jimmy V: "No, I'm good calling you on your cell. Listen, I'm about to publish a story that a national magazine is sitting on a piece about Peter Florrick's latest indiscretion, and I want a quote from the campaign."
Eli: "Good Lord. Did Mandy Post do this?"
Jimmy V: "An anonymous tip."
Eli: "A lie, a defamatory one, and you need to think before you post anything actionable."
Jimmy V: "Is that the quote?"
Eli: "Oh, hell."
Jimmy V: ", all one word. One hour."


He posts that shit! Maddie Hayward becomes even less helpful than the zero helpful she already is. Kalinda and Nick inch toward the end, thankfully, of their confusing misfire.

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The Good Wife




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