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Retreat To Advance

Will: "Nope. Feel free to screw us in many other ways, but not that."
Diane: "...What's going on here? I am fired up."
Hayden: "I just want to drop a wall and split this office in two. Some litigators are without offices now that we lost a floor -- I guess the ones I didn't also fire -- and that's going to hit you in the morale. So it's incumbent upon leadership to sacrifice."
L & G: "Good point, but we're not doing that. We have nothing to lose and everything to burn, little man."
Hayden: "I am still only trying to help you dicks."


Jackie: "Mr. Gold, I was only trying to help!"
Eli: "I will help your ass down a flight of stairs if you don't cool it. I'm trying to stop an article about a fake assignation of Peter's, and you're going around talking about how women can't stop fuckin' going af..."
Jackie: "-- Don't you bark at me, Mr. Gold."
Eli: "[Sad, failed attempt at sounding enraged. I don't even want to talk about it. It's like breaking into a home a finding only a one-eyed Chihuahua guarding the place. You'd turn around and climb back out the window just out of pity. Don't ever make Eli act shouty again, it's embarrassing for everybody.] I hope you enjoy working events even more pathetically obscure than the Retired Alliance Tea."
Jackie: "Whatever. Having tea that late in the midafternoon, it just runs right into dinner. Throws the whole thing off."


Eli: "Ms. Hayward, I hope you come hang around for no reason at our straw poll this weekend. Since you seem to have no interest in moving your storyline along at all, maybe you could justify your paycheck that way."
Maddie: "I still don't care about that, as a busy businesswoman, but I do have a question. What's this thing about 'Indira Starr'? The Busy Businesswomen's Business Society gave me the business about it."
Eli: "God, I hate this. It's like the one person he never fucked. The irony. If I were him, I would just say screw it and go back to being disgusting... Hey, where'd she go?"
Maddie: "I told you I am very busy!"


Hayden: "Jesus Christ, look at you."
Cary: "I know. I wish I could say you get used to it, but..."

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