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L/G is a big enough business that their managerial methods can seem a little inhumane. Nobody knows this more than Cary Agos -- who is used to having everything handed to him because he is perfect, and thus has never heard the word no before -- unless it's Alicia Florrick, who was used powerfully and callously by the partners to scare and manipulate the shit out of their entire fourth-year cadre of disappointed youngsters in a variety of ways. Diane Lockhart still hasn't formally accepted Governor Florrick's offer for a State Supreme Court, but the fact that it's out there is only making things upstairs weirder and more hostile -- and seeing as how David Lee is now a cast regular and "weirder and more hostile" is the Latin on his family crest, that probably won't change.


Cary: "So, hey. Like, what are you thinking?"
Alicia: "I'm in."
Cary: "Really? Agos/Florrick is a go?"
Alicia: "Ha! You are too young to know what an old joke that is! But also in all seriousness, Florrick/Agos."

Wine, because of course wine. Wine now, wine always. Wine with Cary Agos in your gracious open-concept kitchen. What else is there in this world.

Cary: "We have Carey [Other Carey, Less Obviously Hot But Give It A Minute Carey, Carey-with-an-E, "the entire reason Jacob has seen every episode of Outsourced" Carey] in Litigation [even better], Jeremy for Family Law, Andre in Acquisitions..."
Alicia: "You are like a one-man rush chair. What about Kalinda?"
Cary: "Mmm. Robyn Burdine."
Alicia: "No I mean what about Kalinda, when is she joining our firm."
Cary: "She isn't, Robyn is."
Alicia: "I don't get it. I don't understand what you're saying to me."
Cary: "I know, I feel the same way so I'll go slow. Kalinda is staying at L/G, Robyn is coming with us."
Alicia: "But that SUCKS."
Cary: "You know all you'd have to do is drop a handkerchief and she'd come with us. Literally before you finished asking her, that ninja girl would have her shit packed."
Alicia: "More wine?"

Alicia: "Everything's ending. Or starting to. So like how do we -- hang on, I have to ignore Will phoning me after he kissed me, speaking of weird, and I disappeared on him to come meet with you at my house -- how do we tell Diane and Will?"

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