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Peter: "Oh man, now all I can think about is having sex with Marilyn Garbanza. It's like the elephant thing, but with sex. Eli is going to hate how bad this is about to backfire on him. I do not envy myself, in the future, after I blow everything to shit. Just his tiny little elf-boots, stamping on my face. Forever."


Is wearing a bag over her head and is behind a screen sitting on a stool, getting deposed. This is very interesting, all the details. Like, did you know that medically-trained nurses and doctors can't be involved in executions because of the Hippocratic Oath? That is fascinating. It's both sad and comforting, that little fact. I am like Alicia Florrick in at least one way, where I can handle even very scary or bad or tough things if you do them correctly, like, understand fully what you are doing when you do the thing you're doing.

Alicia: "So you left in tears. This was your first execution, so that's probably part of it. Eddie said it was from the blood shooting out of his neck?"
Joan: "[Agrees with everything Alicia says no matter what it is; Alicia catches onto this way before I think most of us would.]"
Alicia: "Joan, did the prosecution prepare you for this testimony by telling you to agree with everything I said?"
Cesca: "Shit! Objection!"
Kruger: "No, girl. Overruled."
Joan: "She didn't say that, but she did say you were trying to create disagreement between Fornum and me, so Fornum would have to be kept alive as a rebuttal witness..."
Alicia: "So you're actively deceiving the court."
Joan: "I haven't found any areas of disagreement."
Alicia: "Was Mr. Fornum tortured?"
Joan: "The offender was ... in pain. He tried to keep from crying, and screaming out. I think... Yes, it was torture."
Alicia: "Just so this is slightly less of a farce, wouldn't you say that's a systematic problem of lethal injection?"
Joan: "No, this was the first time I know of. I think it was his veins. He has what you call rolling veins, because of being a drug addict?"

The lightbulb goes off and Alicia sends Will an ESP, which Cesca also gets: If he's an exception, which Joan just offered on the stand, then they demand a physical. They scream and yell, but the Judge allows it.

Outside, Alicia and Will whip out their phones with giant grins.

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