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Alicia: "We gonna have a fucking problem, kemosabe? Because I will throw down. This could be Beat It just as easy as West Side Story."
Carey: "My bad. But I mean, you just said it was okay to wait one week, and now that it's our issue, suddenly you can't do it."
Alicia: "First of all, this is where Diane's headaches come from. I can already tell. Second of all, does nobody comprehend what I'm saying when I say Death Row Appeal? Do those words hold no meaning for you guys?"
Cary: "Not really, but whatever. Let's vote. Later, when we're feeling more normal. Two weeks versus the rest of our glorious lives."


Robyn Burdine, backing up Kalinda, looking tough, is the highlight of highlights. She's so great. She duckfaces, she scowls, she Robyn Burdines up a storm! The Snitch is breaking into a car when they find him, so the alarm is going off and the cops are on their way, and the whole time Kalinda is Kalinda and Robyn Burdine is Robyn Burdine, and it's excellent.

Kalinda: "New identity, and you still can't resist thieving and being a crumbum. Sad."
Tommy: "I told the truth, though! He was just trying to jack their car, but they fought him and pulled off his ski mask, and that's why he had to kill them. He told me."
Kalinda: "Why would anyone confess anything to you, ever?"
Robyn: (So many awesome faces.)
Tommy: "Why would I know about the ski mask? The cops never told anybody that."
Robyn: "Maybe you heard it from the real killer, ya snitch."
Tommy: "Um, I did. Eddie."


Cary: "Alicia! Alicia, talk to me. The Snitch is sticking to his story."
Alicia: "Damn."
Cary: "She doesn't believe him, and they think they can get to him another way. So that's good. Listen, are you okay?"
Alicia: "Who doesn't love a parking garage brawl? That kid's beautiful face, I couldn't wait to shove it into the concrete. One day perhaps I will."
Robot: "Somebody taped a smiley face to my robot face!"

Monica's banging into like every surface, really hilariously loudly, and so Alicia, because she is Alicia, rolls her eyes at Cary, rips the prank face off the robot's face, and stalks off without even a smile at the grateful robot.

Will: "Alicia, can you come in here real quick so we can all have a go at you?"

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The Good Wife




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