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Diane: "You think a prison broker told Eddie about the ski mask?"
Robyn: "Yeah, not that he would admit it. So I was thinking, what if we put the squeeze on the broker himself?"


Geneva: "Diane and Robyn Burdine? Again? You guys make a pretty cute team, actually. So what is it now."

Cut to all three of them poring over files for the three different times Tommy snitched for them, looking for somebody that connects them. Geneva sits them down with the files and makes to take off, but then Robyn Burdine turns her big ol' sad eyes up to eleven, and before you know it, Ms. Pine is saving Eddie Fornum right alongside them.


Is signing things, signing things, and the whole time he is staring out into the center office where Marilyn is being sexy not even on purpose, and he's just like, "Oh, hell. Eli was right." So he goes to Eli to feel weird about everything.

Peter: "Why do you think she's leaving L/G?"
Eli: "To make something of herself? Because they are constantly dicking her over in their creepy power plays because she stands athwart every single division in the entire firm? She's old but young, a partner but a pawn, ethical and grounded but constantly tainted by her involvement in the highest realms of power, coldly and ethically rational but limitlessly compassionate, a human being but also a lawyer..."
Peter: "Not because of Will?"
Eli: "I don't know anything about that! Nothing!"
Peter: "And you say the optics are wrong with Marilyn?"
Eli: "The idea of you being in a photograph with that woman makes me want to bite through my lip."
Peter: "Time for a promotion, then."


After some of that "we're screwed" grumbling that is always a preamble to some eureka moment, Robyn Burdine finds the eureka moment: The clerk on all three crime reports is the same lady.

Ms. Munn: "What can I do for you? I mean, I'm a humble typist for the police, I don't actually catch bad guys..."
Diane: "I know how the police department works, Ms. Munn. You're here because we want to help you."
Ms. Munn, edgy: "With what?"
Robyn Burdine: "Help keep you out of jail. You tell your brother the prison warden secrets, and then he sells them to desperate inmates."
Ms. Munn: "Oh okay bye-bye!"

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