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She gets almost to the door before Diane clears her throat, grinning back at Robyn Burdine.

Diane: "Ms. Munn? We're meeting with Diehause next. One of you will be turning on the other."
Robyn: "That's the problem with snitches, Ms. Munn. They snitch."
Diane: "So you should talk first."
Robyn: "Thug lyfe! Robyn Burdine!"


Zach: "Grace, did Stiles talk to you yesterday at school?"
Grace: "That little bisexual kid that hangs out with the werewolf? Yeah, he said hey. He's kind of aggressive. Actually, all of your friends have been really nice to me lately. What is that about? Is this like Carrie? Can I be the mom?"
Zach: "I want you to see this website and then never talk about it again, okay?"

Grace is like, "Isn't this interesting," and then she's like, "Oh, how horrifying," and then she's like, "Why do I kinda feel like He-Man all of a sudden?"

Alicia: "Kids, your ride is here! Stop looking at sexy pictures of each other and here are your lunches!"
Cary: "Actually it's me."
Alicia: "False alarm! But still stop doing that!"

Cary: "So, partner meeting yesterday."
Alicia: "It was awful. We need to leave yesterday."
Cary: "What now?"
Alicia: "I'm a partner, I have a fiduciary duty to the firm. I am being illegal just by talking to you about this, and I hate it. We gotta GO."
Cary: "I hear you. But one of the things we don't like about Lockhart/Gardner is the way decisions are made by fiat, by Lockhart and Gardner. We are democrats at Florrick Agos. And the vote was for three weeks."
Alicia: "I'm malingering. Like I ask myself, Would we take this Death Row case if we were there already?"
Cary: "L/G didn't take huge pro bono cases like that for six or seven years. What are you doing in there, in your head?"
Alicia: "This is dumb but this case, it like... I found myself falling for them all over again. As lawyers. Watching them work, it was like when we were babies. Remember how big they were? It was like that. They care. They're still Will and Diane..."

"Alicia. You and I are the new Will and Diane."

Alicia: "Huh. And just like that, I'm good. Thanks. Oh hey, and don't use the company phones, they've gone from indexing the data to just straight accessing it."

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