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Which struck some viewers as the moment that she actually crossed the line, as far as eventually getting hit with that lawsuit she just mentioned. I mean, when the calls suddenly stop what's going to happen? It's going to be Kalinda and Alicia, right? They're the only ones the partners have approached about this. And you know Kalinda's loyalty is to Will, or at least to his checkbook. Yikes. But also, what a nice moment and nice gesture.


Warden Barkin: "They were wrong about his arm, so now we're doing the foot, we're keeping him better hydrated, and raising his veins with warm compresses. All of which we were planning on doing last time when Ms. Lockhart ruined everything."
Will: "You weren't there, also?"
Barkin: "Part of it I had to sign for potassium chloride. Sometimes we have trouble getting enough, so I had to witness its removal from an overnight pouch and then placement in the intravenous tubing..."

Alicia gets an ESP from Will that a thought is forming, but he shakes his head; nothing just yet.


Kluger: "Wait, why are you guys here now?"
Diane: "Judge Manfreddi referred this appeal to you because you were already hearing the Eighth Amendment appeal."
Kluger: "Great. You're ten hours away from the execution I cannot seem to make happen. What's up."

Snitch: "Yeah, I'm the snitch. I withdraw my testimony that he confessed, and testify that to my knowledge he is innocent."
Diane: "And that lady over there? Leslie Munn?"
Snitch: "Nothing to say about her."
Diane: "Well, fuck it."

Kluger: "That's your appeal? For a case I hate and didn't want, you bring me a snitch who has changed his story after a decade? Ms. Lockhart, I really am sorry, but an appeal of actual innocence? After years of appeals and decisions and delays and..."
Diane: "Your Honor..."
Kluger: "No, seriously I'm calling it. Eddie, you're done."


Mitch: "Mr. Gold? You asked for me?"
Eli: "Marilyn, how lovely to see you. And to promote you! To the Transit Authority Board. Effective immediately, goodbye."
Mitch: "Hang on, what?"
Eli: "Isn't that so great? You'll have so much authority! Over TRANSIT!"
Mitch: "This is some bullshit I think."

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