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Also, Eli loves Alicia. I do think that's part of this. If Eli barks loud enough at every pretty girl in the world that they stay away from Peter, then Alicia will never cry again. I wasn't convinced -- I knew he admired her, but I thought it was mostly about her being a good Jackie O* to his Perfect Dream Candidate boyfriend -- but the delicacy and sweetness of their conversation about her affair with Will, and his shuddering relief when she said it was over, convinced me that he just loves her anyway.

Peter: "Eli! Marilyn here was just telling me she's concerned about your choice for Chief of Staff."
Eli: "Mickey? That's not official yet."
Marilyn: "Guess what? Like everyone else on earth, he's hired you before to do crisis counseling. And so like everyone else on earth, nobody connected to you can hire him."
Eli: "All I did was run the search committee!"
Marilyn: "Do you hear yourself? Anyway, not my job to veto, just my job to point out you already looked totally corrupt before you showed up, and now you're here being corrupt... Maybe it's hard for you to see the pattern from where you're standing, but let me tell you -- looking in from the outside? -- this same exact thing has been an issue in approximately one hundred percent of your storylines."

Eli: "That bitch doesn't even know she's already fired! She's just accumulating my hate."
Peter: "She's doing her job, honey. Calm down."
Eli: "Don't you tell me to calm down! Oh, and now here we go. How did I know you were gonna take her side."
Peter: "I cannot talk to you when you're like this."
Eli: "Her name's even Marilyn! I will not have it."


Cary: "So Indiana doesn't have great guarantees about painless execution..."
Will: "Oh crap, I forgot the printer."
Cary: "On it!"
Will: "Wait, that means I'm about to get on the elevator with..."
Alicia: "Hello."
Will: "Uh, hi."
Robot zooming by: "Hiiii!"
Alicia: "So, robots now."
Will: "How is it being the First Lady of Illinois?"
Alicia: "Weird? Kinda like, First Galactic Princess. Hey, sorry I didn't call you back."
Will: "Well, between Peter's stuff and Death Row, it's gotta be..."
Alicia: "A very weird couple days. We'll talk?"

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