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Executive Order 13224

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Look At All This Paper!

They explain the whole #13224 thing to Will, laboriously and for our benefit, and Alicia bounces. This leaves Will and Diane to fight an old war some more.

Will: "You poked the bear, I asked you not to poke the bear. They've been right since day one, our client did it."
Diane: "To save a girl's life?"
Will: "Oh yeah, he's a real humanitarian..."
Diane: "First of all, shut up. That's the definition. And secondly, shut up because you're going to scare Alicia if she sees us fighting."
Will: "Well, fine. We are dropping the suit. Fuck if he was tortured or not, he lied to us."
Diane: "I agree, actually. We way overextended on this one."

Cary Agos randomly calls at this point to schedule a meeting with Will pursuant to Peter's total drama. Meanwhile, Dana is silently launching rubber bands at Cary while he's on the phone, about her RICO investigation that almost got cancelled, that he is now the Deputy in charge of. Lady, I understand it's your last day? But don't hurt the face. Okay?

Cary: "Yes, it's about an investigation."
Will: "Had a feeling this was coming. Am I under indictment?"
Cary: "No! ...Well. Not yet."


Bob Balaban: "I just, I think it's just the name. Red velvet. It just makes it so desirable."

Oh, I forgot to tell you, his personality is that he likes cupcakes. Remember like 2009, when that counted as a personality? Bob does. I can't wait until he discovers food trucks. His Treasury Secretary mind will just blow, once he learns about those. Macarons. Yelp.

You know who's worse than that, though? Bacon people. Bacon is the Betty White of food. Just shut the fuck up about it. Everybody hates the word "moist," everybody likes bacon, nobody is more interesting because of those things.

Alicia: "Actually we're dropping the case, so I no longer have to deal with you and your cupcakes and your perfectly-shaped head and those signature round-frame glasses that say, I may be five hundred human years old, but I can still get DMT."
Bob Balaban: "Guess what, Justice has brought criminal charges against Mr. Marwat, so we're not done. My guess is this is about aiding and abetting a terrorist, but we have this Chinese Wall, so I'm just guessing about that. And even if you're not going to be the attorneys, I need you to sit down and tell me, since we last talked, has Marwat mentioned anything about the Badula Qulp region? [Beat.] Alicia, do you want me to repeat the question?"

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