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Look At All This Paper!

(This is where you start getting that myocardial Good Wife feeling, like the music is a fast train coming down the tracks directly for you. Usually that happens just before the credits, but not always.)

Alicia: "No..."
Bob Balaban: "Do you mind answering it?"
Alicia: "...I do. I mean, I can't."
Bob Balaban: "Actually you can. The penalty for not answering is eight years in prison, and a fine of $250,000. So again, did Mr. Marwat mention Badula Qulp?"

Alicia: "Is it my right to consult a lawyer?"
Bob Balaban: "It is always your right. But I wouldn't advise it."
Alicia: "Uh, yeah. I want to consult with a lawyer. Especially now that you said that."


Diane: "I will take every last one of these motherfuckers down and you know why? Danny admitted to that lie about this because he expected attorney-client privilege, and now if you tell the truth he'll be arrested."
Alicia: "On the Me side, though, $250,000 fine and eight years in prison."

Diane: "Did he say anything about the firm?"
Alicia: "The what now?"
Diane: "The firm? Did the monitor ask about what we said to you?"
Alicia: "No. Did I mention this is about me?"
Diane: "Oh man, they could come after us."
Will: "I know! I am so scared for us!"
Alicia: "Guys!"
L,G: "Sorry. We already have a lawyer for you. And by you, we mean us."
Alicia: "Um, yeah. I'm going to go find my own lawyer. You guys are being tools."


Dana: "Yeah. This place looks like somewhere you would work."
Cary: "Um, wasn't it your last day like for the last six weeks? Shouldn't you be at a defense firm not unlike this one?"
Dana: "It is going to be my last day for at least another week."
Cary: "This is the most thrilling storyline of all time. I'm starting to think that you're like one of those women that lies about being pregnant all the time."
Dana: "Do you get women pulling that on you a lot? Because of your virility and poor impulse control and taste?"
Cary: "At least it would be more interesting than this game of narrative chicken with a barely relevant tertiary character's ongoing human resources issues."


You remember Elsbeth Tascioni, right? Played by Arlene from True Blood, but absolutely fantastic instead of being the grossest character of all time? She was Peter's attorney when Zach was taking on the FBI and ended up getting him acquitted; totally scattered but also magic? At first I thought she was secretly evil like Patti Nyholm, and then I thought she was equal parts evil and autistic like Nancy Crozier, but no, she is just quirky and smart and Not Ready For Primetime, in the larger sense of the adult world, like Andrew Wiley. Like the opposite of Kalinda, that ends up meeting her in the exact same place.

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