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The judge in the Marwat case explains the whole episode, one more time: "Let's just let the moment resonate. Ms. Lockhart, you asked to sue the government. I said yes. Now you're dropping the suit -- and you, Mr. Childs, are taking up a criminal case... I imagine you would like me to consider a motion to dismiss, Ms. Lockhart. On what grounds? On the grounds that how else will I spend my Thursday afternoons, if the three of you aren't here?"

He's pretty great. His Judge Quirk is that he is pretty awesome. He gives them a deadline for motions, and we get that much closer to the endzone. I remember thinking how funny it was that they dropped a case so early, but then got so caught up in not caring about any of it that I didn't notice the elegant halftime way the suits turned over just as we brought in Elsbeth -- so the way the case works with the structure of the episode is that Alicia goes from being protected to being alienated right when the two cases are getting flipped, and the thing she knows stops being a burden on one side and starts being a burden to the other side, so she was never safe but now she's unsafe in the opposite way. Do you know what I mean? That's really cool.


Elsbeth Tascioni: "Hey! My name is Elsbeth Tascioni, and I represent -- oh my gosh, that is the prettiest cupcake I've ever seen! -- I represent Alicia Florrick. She's someone you met with? And advised not to get an attorney?"
Even Bob Balaban: "Good one."
Elsbeth: "It's not great for a Treasury Department official to advise that, is it? Anyway, she's not bringing charges. She's too nice for that."
Bob Balaban: "Whew."
Elsbeth: "...That's why she has me!"
Bob Balaban: "Twist!"

He gets really official and bitchy with her about interrupting his cupcake time outside, and she doesn't even let on that this personal threat is a total sideswipe to getting what she wants, which is to freak his brain out.

Bob Balaban: "I have office hours. Up in my office? Up there?"
Elsbeth: "Oh, okay! I'll just sit here then."
Bob Balaban, after a beat: "Your client has a duty as an American to help us weed out terrorists! And even if that weren't the case she's under penalty of law to answer all of my questions!"
Elsbeth: "Sure, with an attorney present and transactional immunity."
Bob Balaban: "Your client wants immunity?"
Elsbeth: "No, I do. Just to fuck with you! Up is down! Black is white!"
Bob Balaban: "You're stalling me until the criminal case is settled."
Elsbeth: "Duh. Get me that grant of immunity and I'll talk to you later. Can you validate? No? No problem."

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