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Executive Order 13224

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Look At All This Paper!

Will, verbatim: "What. Ya not the what? What, ya not the what."

Peter: "I have not gone there. Anything I've ever said to you or done to you. I haven't gone there."
Will: "Gone where? Go ahead, say it. That's what this is about, huh? Alicia! That's why you tried to audit us, that's why you're going for RICO. Oh man, ya pitiful. Getta pair a balls and throw a punch."

I no longer understand what they are talking about, but it ends with Peter threatening Will for stealing $45K that he didn't end up having stolen, and Will's awesome comeback: "Only one of us has seen the inside of a cell." So Peter takes off and Will's like, "You come after me, that's not where this ends. Ya know it!" But I don't know it. I think it would be funny if he was threatening Alicia's life, but I doubt highly that's what he's saying.


Alicia has decided she hates Bob Balaban. Which, officious and bitchy aside, cupcakes aside, I still find that hard to believe. So Elsbeth Tascioni decides to sit in his office, not allowing Alicia to speak, while she spends her time reading the entire grant of immunity, which as written is tied to her answers: "As long as Mrs. Florrick is forthcoming and truthful, she cannot be charged for any of her actions." Words to live by. Certainly words she lives by. Elsbeth is immediately like, "I estimate that reading this document while you both sit here being bored will take thirty minutes. Unless you bitch at me, and then it will take longer."


More of Caitlin's thing where she reads things and they become real.

Answer: "Lieutenant Elephant Walk complied with all necessary donkey punch. His answers were horny, Your Honor."
Question: "How do you mean horny? Unresponsive?"
Answer: "No. Brief."

Caitlin figures out that the adjective they're redacting -- what we call in the legal profession the redactjective -- was a mistake because they were Ctrl-Hing somebody's name. Specifically, "The reason for the arrest is an Army intelligence officer," which I don't even know what that means in English. So Caitlin says that this word is "curt" and not "horny" like I thought, and then there's a guy she found, a Lt. Matthew Curt. Which has confused me all week because that's also a first name, but it's enough that it's an adjective that is also a last name, I guess. But if you're writing this script and you can pick any last name that is also an adjective, why would you pick one that is also a first name? It's confusing.

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