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Look At All This Paper!

Anyway, Diana now likes Caitlin, and Caitlin likes that just fine. There's something about the inevitability of this conflict that is really interesting to me. Like, don't let them play us off each other for their delectation or their convenience, but then what happens if you get into competition with somebody who happens to be a cute, younger woman, how do you deal with that? How do you work that one out without feeling like a total jerk? And then it's this show, so you know it won't be that cut-and-dried, but in this case watching it come together is enjoyable in its own right because so far she seems like an okay person.


Long story short, the insurance company files Elsbeth Tascioni dropped on Alicia, creating today's conflict of interest, were for a company called North Guard Insurance, which provides liability coverage to employees of Martinel Security working in Afghanistan, which includes Danny Marwat.

Elsbeth Tascioni, literally: "It's that company that has the alligator in their commercials. Have you seen those? They're so funny!"
Bob Balaban: "When did you take North Guard as a client, Mrs. Florrick? And did Ms. Tascioni bring you this client?"
Alicia: "Yeah, it was kind of amazing."

Alicia then does the funniest thing she has ever done in the history of the show, you should just watch the clip, here it is actually. I have probably watched it forty times already this week.

Alicia: "She said, I need help on this insurance case. I'm swamped. Look at all this paper."

See, in a recap it's just not the most funny thing but in reality it super was. Bob Balaban gets his panties twisted all up and Elsbeth Tascioni goes, "I think the courts have shown a certain, let's say, affinity to corporations like North Guard and their rights. The Supreme Court has even insisted on their personhood. My guess is they won't look kindly on your attempt to infringe on their attorney-client privilege." Alicia has now completely fallen in love with Elsbeth Tascioni, which makes total sense because she's the only person who is authentic in her entire life and still manages to get shit done, but it just makes Elsbeth Tascioni blush. I think maybe she is the caterpillar with all the feet and if she stops to think about how she does it, she won't be able to do it anymore.

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