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Executive Order 13224

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Grace Florrick's obnoxious ringtone ("Hey Mom pick up the phone hey Mom pick up the phone hey Mom pick up the phone...") starts going off, and everybody on both sides of the call freeze like it's a bomb, and Alicia jumps out of the hotel bed they got to lunch in in a cute nightie and goes to talk to her horrible daughter.

Diane: "Um. Where are you, Will."
Will: "Oh, I am just at lunch."
Diane: "I think maybe that's code for something else, like maybe you're having sex with the subordinate married attorney you bribed our partners into hiring several years ago."
Will: "I have to go. I don't know what sexual harassment is."

Alicia: "Christ, Grace. What do you want? I'm at lunch and you are the worst."
Grace: "Can I go to Bible study tonight?"
Alicia: "That is exactly the kind of shit I'm talking about. I will discuss this with you when I am next wearing pants."

Diane: "Lisa, can you get Alicia on the phone and phone her for me on the phone?"
Lisa: "Diane, she is at lunch. She and Will are lunching up a storm."
Diane: "I put two and two together, Lisa. And now you have confirmed my math."

Grace: "Talk to me, sexy young internet preacher. For you are my only friend besides that awful, awful tutor."
Sway or Whatever: "How many times does Jesus condemn gays in the Bible? Zero! How many times does Jesus condemn divorce? Six times! But listen to any preacher, and who do they say is going to Hell? Gays, not your divorced parents."
Grace: "Are you saying my parents are going to Hell?"
Lisa Ling of Jesus: "No, it's just that gay people didn't exist back then. One of the many problems with getting your sense of personal morality from the obsolete social codes of an alien culture rather than using the mind and conscience God gave you."


How they will prove Danny Marwat was at Camp Whitcomb: The contractor in charge of providing food services to the inmates. Seems Danny's detention was during Ramadan, the only thing that could make it more depressing. Oh, and also he is lactose intolerant. Danny Marwat has the shittiest life of anybody I have ever met. If you are hanging with Danny Marwat you should watch out for falling pianos. Tveit objects to looking at the requisition list for this particular time because of the Classified Information Procedures Act, which is like his favorite Act and he should marry it

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