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Judge: "Again, I think whether or not a 2007 Ramadan meal was lactose free hardly threatens the security of our brave fighters in Afghanistan, but thanks for being adorable."
Food Guy: "Ramadan fasting meal, quantity one. Lactose free."
Judge: "Okay, that's convincing enough that the suit goes."
Childs: "Fine, the Defense Department will turn over all the secret court transcripts requested by L/G like you say, but also we want to request Executive Order 13224."
Diane: "Your Honor, and the TV audience, allow me to explain that 13224 is intended to ferret out fake charities funding terrorist organizations. This is a lawsuit Danny has brought against the US government."
Childs: "And can I also state for the viewers that 13224 also has broad application when a terrorist hires a lawyer, and Danny is kind of a terrorist, because we must have suspected him of being a terrorist, or else we would not have kidnapped and tortured him. Which we did not do."

#13224: "The lawyer must make available for inspection any relevant information, reports or records requested by the Secretary of the Treasury."
Diane: "This is a straight-up egregious violation of attorney-client privilege."
Judge: "I know, but he got you."
Diane: "Fuck that. Alicia, you go talk to this Treasury guy."
Alicia: "I have never done that before!"
Diane: "Alicia, get your hand out of my partner's pants and go do it. We're in a strange new post-9/11 world. None of the rules apply. The innocent and inexperienced thing won't get you out of work this time, because nobody's ever done this before, because nobody is as much of an asshole as Glenn Childs."


So fine, Alicia will be meeting with Bob Balaban, the designated Treasury monitor on this case. He explains that she's just going to be reporting to him about some stuff from time to time, and that there's a wall between him and the Department of Justice so she needn't worry about the egregious violation of privilege, except for how Treasury is like the scariest one of all sometimes. Or at least it used to be. I think all the scary Treasury things went to DHS. Maybe that's why they're grumpy, because they lost all of their scary things.

In case you were wondering, Bob Balaban is still completely beautiful to look at, as he has been since like Midnight Cowboy: Like a painting of a statue of a Weimaraner. In Heaven.

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