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Speaking of Lockhart-Gardner stress, who's that knocking on the door? Why it's Bob Lachness, the L/G insurance agent, and he is here to discuss with the partners Diane's request to the amount of their workplace insurance. Defined as suits from employees, quote "Sexual harassment, coworkers or bosses sleeping with underlings, you know, that stuff." Fifteen to Lockhart. You can actually see Will's spirit slowly breaking as the guy says this.

Lachness: "I can keep your cost low if you have everybody here take a sexual harassment class." Thirty love. They both get their game faces on and he's got about fifty things going on, on his face, and it's just really good how this goes down. Because especially given the energy in the room just a second ago, she can't be taking him to task or pulling any kind of rank on him, because they're equals and they love each other, but she can come around the back way and be like, "I'm not being a bitch, this is actually why this is a problem. You think you're special, you're not special."

"Hmmmmm. What do you think, Will?" She fairly sparkles, forty love. It's like watching Cesar Milan kneel on a dog's throat and the dog just goes, You know what, I give. "I think I trust your judgment, Diane. As you trust mine." Match. He sprints the fuck out of there. It's like her eyeballs are pushing him out of the door using only waves of willpower.

And I mean, that was a pretty harshly Diane way of doing that, but so much safer and smarter to have the actual person representing the actual problem in there, once she figured out what's going on. Visual proof of why this affair is a bad idea, talking in terms of dollars and cents, which are the things that scare Will. I guess you could have Eli in there, because of the Peter connection and Alicia's connections, but this is so much less confrontational, which is the part of Diane that I like best: Why get weird and fighty about it, or question your judgment aloud, when I can just have this guy bring in a video about why you shouldn't be sleeping with Alicia Florrick?


There's a whole thing in the direction of the episode where we flip between Caitlin reading the redacted transcripts and then being acted out. It's pretty cool to watch, and funny because whenever you hear a beep you just think, like, "cockface" or "dickmunch" no matter what they're talking about, but I don't know that it would come through in a recap, so we'll skip to the end.

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