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Executive Order 13224

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Look At All This Paper!

Question: "And did Dr. Assbite bite the ass of the accused?"
Answer: "We intend no disrespect, Your Honor, but you can vigorously munch on the dick of this clan, and sponge-bathe the hairy naked legs of your mother."

Suddenly Caitlin realizes that the medical authority at Camp Cockknocker has a really long name.

Diane: "I mean after all, what are the chances of a bilingual doctor in Afghanistan having a super long name?"
Alicia: "We just look for Army doctors with twelve-letter names, and I guess there won't be that many."
Diane: "That's hard for me to believe, but whatever gets the legal shit over with so we can go back to talking about sex and Bob Balaban and intra-office politics."

Alicia: "Listen, Bob Balaban asked me if Danny had spoken to anyone overseas."
Diane: "I miss attorney-client privilege. This is so weird."
(It's actually pretty funny how much this shit bothers her, like viscerally, like whenever the Treasury thing comes up, she literally grunts and grits her teeth and looks like she's going to throw a desk through a wall. She's so old-school!)
Alicia: "He also said Badula Qulp like a hundred times."
Diane: "How come?"
Alicia: "I don't know, I was dazzled by looking at him."

Diane: "He's trying to make you his eyes and ears!"
Alicia: "There's a Chinese Wall between Justice and Treasury, but obviously this makes me uncomfortable."
Diane: "I was uncomfortable because nobody in this episode had said 'Chinese Wall' yet, the only word we ever say on this show, and then you did. So now I feel better. But in other news, I'm not looking you in the eye and I'm totally freezing you out because guess what, I just remembered I'm mad at you."
Alicia: "Oh dear."


Peter: "Why don't you want me to RICO Will Gardner?"
Cary: "It's fraught. He's my old boss, your wife is his new..."
Cary: "...Employee..."
Good save, you fantastic little shit.

Cary: "I think if Will Gardner were anybody else, we wouldn't go forward, and that's the rule you've used until now."
Peter: "Yeah, but see but that's why how come we have to. Because of that."
Cary: "Um, I don't follow."
Peter: "Yeah, because like you said we have to do it. Because of that."
Cary: "Peter, you're not making sense. There's no drugs here, and no homeland security."
Peter, verbatim: "There is drugs!"

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