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Like magic, he produces Lemond Fucking Bishop out of nowhere, and he's like, we're not doing obvious creepster stuff against my wife and Will Gardner, we're just using him and exposing him and threatening him and having real ramifications on his life because of ... Lemond Bishop. Which was already Childs's stalking horse and also it's like, get a hobby. But then again, Cary got his new office for a reason, so how hard's he going to fight this? Finally he agrees to take point on the L/G investigation, but only for the gross reason of that Peter came up with a way around the ethics of it. Also because it's Dana's last day, I don't know if I mentioned that part but it's either today or tomorrow.

Jackie calls Peter -- because it's been ten minutes -- and once again she has gone to Alicia's house where she is not invited, to pick up the kids on his behalf, and of course she's there early, and of course she is going to town on everything as usual.

Jackie: "Grace wants to go to a Bible study. But it's at a nightclub! Alicia said it was fine, but I don't know. To me, it sounds a bit cockeyed. What kind of Bible study is at a nightclub?"
Even Peter: "Mom. Get off Alicia's dick like just this one time, please."


Dr. Val Phouayvongsa: "My name is Dr. Val Phouayvongsa."
L/G: "How many letters are in your name, Dr. Val Phouayvongsa?"
Dr. Val Phouayvongsa: "All of them. All of the letters."

L/G: "What did you do in 2007?"
Dr. Val Phouayvongsa, verbatim: "I advised officers on advanced interrogation methods. Abdomen strikes. I explained how an open-handed slap was preferable to a punch, which could cause internal damage and thus be considered, uh, torture."
L/G: "Charmed, I'm sure. Were you asked to examine an inmate after an interrogation on November 12?"
Dr. Val Phouayvongsa: "Yeah but he had a hood on. They did keep calling him Danny, though."

Zschau: "This is all very interesting, as far as establishing the fact that Danny was there and being tortured and the rest of the facts of the suit, but I'd like to call a surprise witness! It is Danny Marwat! And then I would like to show you a picture of yourself! Hanging out with Satar Yusuf-Khel! Just like a TOTAL TERRORIST!"


Diane: "Uh, you totally knew this dude?"
Danny: "No, not like we were terrorists together or anything! His daughter was dying from dysentery. I brought him medicine, that's all. I took it to his home in Badula Qulp..."
Diane: "Alicia, you wanna get the fuck on up out of here?"

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