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Feeding The Rat

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Feeding The Rat

Diane: "It's either you deal with her, or we get accustomed to Rumpelstiltskin over there jerkin' our chain whenever he feels like it."
Will: "So my choices are we sell ourselves to Eli right now, or I gamble my soul with Celeste Serrano, the Tammies to my Ron Swanson?"
Diane: "Who doesn't enjoy CLE?"

A: Everybody.


Peter: "Everybody, go to the Midwest Bar Association for some CLE."
Everybody: "NOOO!"
Peter: "Also, the DOJ thinks that Glenn Childs was a racist and there are biases in the way we plea bargain. They've requested to detail an AUSA to this office, but don't think of her as a watchdog. Think of her as a mean lady who thinks you're a racist."
Imani: "I totally do. He's not lying."

Peter: "Imani, I'd like you to meet Cary Agos. He is by the far the most irritatingly white person you've ever seen. He's like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad, but one that somehow makes you feel even gayer when you look at him. And good Lord he has a low opinion of most women."
Cary: "All true. Other than that, I am a pretty nice guy though."
Imani: "I have memorized your record, and you do show a marked bias in your pleas. I'm glad you're saddled with me."
Cary: "I guess we're going to be having sex eventually."

Also, though, the drug laws in this country are institutionalized racism, gerrymandered around class lines and enforced haphazardly, for the purpose of putting black people in jail. So there's only so much of this conversation that you can actually have, on this show, before you come up against that. They can throw around code words and coded comparisons, like "crack" vs. "cocaine," but that's really what we're talking about.


Lawyers: Shaking hands, smarming it up, Luntz from 30 Rock is there and gross as always, everybody's having a great old boring time.

Will finds Celeste at some doddering old dude's seminar, and we learn that Will and Celeste used to work for the old man, and also she fucked the old man on 9/11. Also, she is just dicking with him because she knows that he knows bankruptcy is on the table.

Celeste: "So you're here to charm me?"
Will: "To offer you a home."
Celeste: "And what about your lawyer friend?"

I love how she always calls her "that lawyer" as if they're not all lawyers and she's like, "Not that cobbler you dated briefly, or the trapeze artist, but that attorney. Felicia something." Anyway, they do some negotiating about the idea of Celeste bringing her litigators and bankruptcy guys to L/G, and it goes back and forth, and they mention again that jetliner class-action that Celeste and Diane both want, and eventually Celeste gets called away.

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