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Feeding The Rat

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Feeding The Rat

Or does she? Everything is smoke and mirrors with her. Smoke, mirrors, and crazy. Does the old doddering man even remember fucking her on 9/11? I honestly can't tell. He would give her that alarmed side-eye either way, because her ass is alarming.


Diane: "It's a chocolate and peanut butter situation here, because while Peter has told the SAs not to plea bargain anything anymore, I am telling you guys to plead all your pro bonos. Just cut and run and leave those poor motherfuckers choking on their own blood."
Alicia: "No, the show forgot about that. This week it's that they can't plea bargain in a racist way. Also, Cary won't work with me on this one guy."
Diane: "Um, twenty years for second degree murder, when they have a witness to the murder being committed, does not sound like Cary being a dick."
Julius: "I'll talk to him or something. Hey, who's going to break up with Legal Aid?"
Diane: "I'll do it. I am an uncaring monster, a frigid harpy. I will go down there in person and just punch Conrad from Weeds right in his stupid beautiful face. I'll be like, 'Legal Aid? Looks like you need First Aid!' And then I'll rack him and take his wallet. Put it in petty cash."

Ring ring!

Will: "Hey Diane, I talked to Crazypants and she said she wants half of the jetliner class action."
Diane: "She has the crew's families, we have the passenger families. That's 35%."
Will: "You know how she got the name Crazypants, right? It wasn't because of her pants."
Diane: "Just charm her! You know how you are, all the time? Be like that."

Alicia: "Are you guys talking about Celeste!? I mean, whatever. I mean I don't care. Who is that, even? Celeste, is that even, like, a person place or thing? Who are you guys? Where are we right now? What is this, a law office or something? I have to go. Bye now."


Their Kid: "Daddy, congratulations on making this the best birthday ever. I got to go through a metal detector!"
Cute Young Mom: "Travis, you sure do get into some scrapes."

Julius: "The guy's never even had a parking ticket."
Cary: "I know, that's why I offered second degree. Hey, have you met Imani? She's like my Jiminy Cricket, but of racial tension."
Julius: "Is that why you are trying to destroy a Cute Young Family? To impress her?"
Imani: "Um, actually, he's being totally fair based on the evidence."
Julius: "Okay, but what you don't know is that Peter Florrick has policy ADD. Last week it was all No plea bargains! and this week he's like No racism! and next week it'll be Use your ecomagination! You're just a fad. Later."

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