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Arguments with Gravity

So cross-apply to Alicia's story. It's interesting. You have a concern with image, saving the maybe blackened remains, and you have an equal concern to preserve the bottom line over the spin and performance. There's a fight to be had in the media, and there's a fight to be had in the future. Both have financial and personal outcomes, scary ones, but they're not compatible. Like Celeste, Eli is interested in selling authenticity rather than having it; offering perfect information to game a bigger board. And like Alicia, for the moment, Diane's more concerned with the real and the concrete; with saving what's worth saving.

Eli: "The images take precedent right now."

But Diane was right the first time: Which takes priority? Both. You can't have one or the other; you can't have one without the other. You can't be Alicia Florrick without both. But every time you change or copy the image, it degrades. That's generation loss: Pretty soon you're looking at a picture of a picture of a picture that doesn't even matter anymore. Taking those products off the shelves is the right thing to do, obviously, but Eli could care less about that. So the question, across the board so to speak, becomes: If you do an authentic thing for inauthentic reasons, what changes?

The game itself doesn't change, you haven't changed the facts; the information is no less perfect, because intention is always about guessing what's going on in somebody else's head. The image itself won't really change, because you were already working with the image itself, you made the changes knowing you were excusing behavior in pursuit of the good. The changes, if they exist, can't be adjudicated and it won't have repercussions in the real world, in the financial or legal world, in the court of opinion. But you'll know. And that, the knowing, accumulates.


Ira is none too happy to see hottie Dr. Farland in the flesh, at the hotel, stopping by for a coincidental lunch with Celeste just in time to have a secret conversation with Ira. He jerks her out into the hallway for another time-warping conversation about our act two evidence. She grins, kind of sleazy, and swears there's nothing crazy going on; by the end of the conversation she's managed to quote our next bit of the deposition from memory.

Question: "If there's nothing wrong with your device, Doctor, how did it malfunction?"
Farland: "It didn't malfunction. Even the best SCSs are prone to lead migration."

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