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Arguments with Gravity

Zach, immediately: "Dad slept with somebody else. Someone other than the hooker."
Owen, gobsmacked: "So... Wait, how do we know?"
Zach, unmoved: "He told me. That's why Mom kicked him out. You didn't know that?"

Owen did not know that. One of the reasons -- again, conjecture* -- he didn't like Peter was that Peter was a safe place for St. Alicia; with Peter around, Alicia could be boring as hell. That fire he loved in her; the ways she protected him. But it was nice, too, because that meant Owen could keep being the bad one. And because they, in turn, represented something of a safe place for him. He could have fun, because Alicia was still the adult. That nice married couple, two kids and everything, where Owen could go and exasperate Peter and exhaust Alicia and torment Jackie. See what Alicia had created; finally see what a family is supposed to look like.

But now he's uprooted, dumped for cheating, dating awesome freaks, and the safe place is insane. She's basically admitting she's sleeping with Will, for reasons he didn't know and now seem even further away; Grace is moments from hoochie-dancing in the public square and Zach knows more about everybody's shit than Owen ever did; Peter's entire rehabilitation left out these important facts, this perfect information. Even the dead issues are coming back to life. And so if Owen doesn't have the power of experience, the wisdom of bad behavior -- if he doesn't have access to the information -- then everything is suddenly upside-down. Replacing Jackie as the live-in second mom, even for a weekend, shouldn't necessarily mean you miss out on all the dirt.

*(At some point I'm going to stop saying that, but the fanbase for this show includes a fair amount of literal thinkers, and I have compassion for the fact that some of us might need a little "in my opinion" every now and then. Just in case some hypothetical, ignorant soul forgets for a moment that all of this is automatically in my opinion, of course. I mean, without its inveterate fact-checkers officially registering their complaints, the Internet might suddenly become fallible, and then who knows what chaos would happen.)


Just in case you wondered where Kalinda's priorities were this week, when Alicia phones her at the factory she ignores the call. Blink and you'll miss it, but my thinking goes, if Alicia swallows her whatever-you-call-it and actually offers to call Kalinda, it's going to be important and it's going to be time-sensitive and it's going to be case-relevant. And Kalinda knows all of that. So maybe this is a little game Kalinda's playing with herself, where she tests the limits of how far she's willing to let Alicia dangle on the line like that. Not even necessarily a quid pro quo, I'm saying -- that seems way too petty for her -- but literally a question she's asking herself.

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