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Arguments with Gravity

Finn: "We don't touch, we don't undress. We talk about our childhoods. Anything but sex. Delaying gratification is to increase gratification."

They argue about it for a while, awesomely; he might as well be talking about the last two seasons.

Owen: "Yeah, but I've spent the last three hours doing laundry and the kids are gonna be home in a couple of hours so I don't really have time for delayed gratification."

Of course, the door opens immediately. Owen fusses and runs to the door, but it's just Jackie. Jackie Florrick, who is not allowed in the house, Jackie who is picking up the kids for Peter, using her old key to let herself into the house on his behalf. Jackie who's arrived early to clean up the place. Jackie, who called this place home for a while. Who knew the house would be empty. Jackie who is probably quite lonely.

Finn's excited to see her, to ask her all about herself, to talk about childhoods, fully clothed. To drive Owen insane. And it is working. He sits her down, this unwelcome enemy and this sexual distraction, and loves every second of it. More Finn, please! Get a load of this shit:

Jackie: "Where should I start? Chicago was very different when I was a girl..."


Alicia walks Ira to the conference room, where he's just been through another round with his two children -- a boy, and a girl -- who've been missing him all weekend.

Ira: "You think this mediation is hard?"
Alicia: "I'm really sorry about all of this..."
Ira: "Hey, they're all tough. We just have to remain human."

One thing I do love about Alicia is that she actually listens when people talk. "How do we do that?" she asks; she really needs to know. "Find a box for this, and keep it in that box." She thanks him, honestly; she digests it and nods and thanks him. But he's wrong, this time. This time, it's the opposite.

Inside, it doesn't take Celeste too long at all, to once again do exactly the things Will said she would. "You failed, Will," she says. "I know what it looks like when he fails, and he is failing," she says. "Alicia, talk to him," she says. "I'm just saying, Will and I talked last night, and we were trying to negotiate a deal, but clearly his ego got in the way, and... I used to be able to talk to him. I can't talk to him now, so you'll have to talk to him."

The world untwists into a new shape, for Ira and for everyone. Celeste has rewritten the fundamental assumptions. Ira's response is human, authentic. Will and Alicia are "horrified."

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