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Arguments with Gravity

Eli hisses into the phone that he's not part of the story, but Gretchen just laughs at him. Back in Diane's office, she tries to calm him down, but it's the same conversation they've had in every scene in this episode, rotated into a new dimension. This is not law. Everything changes, upends itself, when you're working with image. On the other hand, that means the information wouldn't be something that Will would particularly care about. It's not like he was spiking Eli's case, much less Diane's: It just moved really fast and he thought Gretchen would find it juicy.

Eli: "You become the story, it deflects from your client's guilt. I become the story, it makes my clients look guiltier."

Diane assures him it's a fool's game to even try and track down the leak, but he's not hearing her: "Gretchen knew we checked Heather Farms, she knew it was clean. I told two people about that, you and Kalinda. But Gretchen said the leaker was a he. Did you tell Will?"

She stares at him for a second and then notices our CEO onscreen, at the vigil for the kids. Eli notes that she's changing the subject, and she asks how Eli turned around on burning the guy. His pride takes over; he's gleeful for a second: "You haven't seen this yet?" CEO gets a pie in the face, and Eli blushes with pleasure while Diane gapes.

Eli: "Wonderful, isn't it? People love humility. Tony Hayward needed a pie in the face."
Diane, shivering: "You didn't..."
Eli: "No! That was just luck. I thought he'd just get booed."

The guy recovers well, honestly -- "I'm proud to be here today, I don't care in what condition" -- and the story spins itself. Eli tries to drive home the moral of the story today: "I'm good at my job, Diane. But I can't have leakers. It's unprofessional." She says he didn't leak it, but who knows what she thinks. When Eli looks that crazy, when he looks like he's about to eat his own face, just lie. He deals in images.


Back in the lobby, Celeste asks if Will's there to give up, but he's back at $10M. "It didn't work for you to blame the painkiller, it didn't work for you to blame the victim, so: Minor modification. That's what your case rests on now." Kalinda got on the case, followed the money just like in politics, and figured it out. Celeste figures something out, too. About authenticity, about the broken wing performance: "She never was jealous, was she? Your lawyer friend. That was all a piece of playacting?"

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