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Arguments with Gravity

Kalinda, really off her game for once, drops off the wrong file folder at their table and then backs away again, ducking; shuffling. It's kind of a bummer to be honest. Inside the file folder is Dr. Farland's original patent application for the device -- for which, by the way, he's getting 30 percent a pop -- where, of course, he had to insist on originality. To get the patent.

Will: "'This SCS is a truly original development in severe back-pain management. It is not a mere modification' -- How nice of him to use those words! -- '...Of existing SCSs on the market...'"

After some grumbling and tussling, Celeste agrees to eight, and then changes the subject again: "I need a new home. My firm is going under. Breaking up. Litigation's going one way, acquisitions another." A total of nine in litigation, including Celeste; he says he'll check with Diane and, once again, she says how much she misses him. Maybe she does. Maybe she doesn't know the difference right now, and just needs a home.


Alicia stops Ira on the way out to thank him for everything, and he's just a little sad.

Ira: "You don't have to thank me. I wasn't the one who played them."
Alicia: "We... That's not why we won..."

Already, she knows what he's talking about. Already that secret smile is fading. It's when you call her out that she can feel herself slipping; as long as it's a secret she can do what she wants. As long as it's polite, unstated, as long as you don't show her what she's doing. But he holds up a mirror, for a split-second.

Ira: "You won because of the facts. You got your client rich because you played them. And me."
Alicia: "That's not fair..."
Ira: "It is fair. It may not be polite, but it is fair."

Gravity. The ground comes up to meet her.

Ira: "Don't worry about it. If I needed a lawyer I'd probably hire you, too. Very nice to meet you."

And all those desperate people, flailing around in a world where they have to know these things all the time. Where the image and the reality are the same thing. Where this man can point out the difference between behavior and intention: To say out loud that excusing yourself for doing the thing is not the same as not doing the thing. And worse: To know that this man, this good man who taught her a little bit about the world this weekend, that she liked, this father of two whose values she shares and whose values she manipulated?

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