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Arguments with Gravity

A truly amazing phone-video by one of the lunch ladies shows a bunch of kids barfing, rolling around in agony, sliding down the walls like crackheads; it's marvelous. Eli just about punches himself in the nuts, but nobody can look away.

Eli: "You'll have to hire Lockhart, Gardner as temporary counsel."
Guild: Quibbles.
Eli, beautifully: "I can explain myself for now? But when things move faster, you're going to have to just trust me."

Essentially, they need to hire Diane to represent them so that the things they talk about in the crisis management stuff can't be subpoenaed later for a civil (or criminal) trial. I've always said half of what's great about this show is that the music makes you feel like you're having a heart attack even when you're not quite sure what's going on -- even today, the word "addendum" makes me feel like I'm losing my mind -- but watching Eli put the available tools to use faster than most of the people even know what or why, that is very exciting. Even above the thematic "These are the true facts" thing going on this week. So yeah, suddenly you've lost your PR and gotten a new law firm, and at some point he's going to stop explaining himself.

Eli zooms in on the video and sees packaging; he calls for the CEO of Heather Farms, before he talks to a reporter, but it's been four hours. A lot can happen.


One of those reporters that you always wonder if you'll see them again -- this time the Vindicator's new Metro editor, Gretchen Battista -- has contacted Maggie asking if she knows anything about a leaked medical investigation of Dr. Farland. Apparently the FDA has moved it up a year, and apparently they're on Farland's side.

Alicia: "It may not be true..."
Will: "It doesn't matter. Any rumor of an investigation that goes against us hurts us."

Essentially this means that they can't go to trial on the SCS case, which is what they were assuming would happen because Celeste is being so hardcore about it. Alicia calls Owen to deal with the kids, because they're definitely spending the night at this point, and Will -- after assuming he still knows and can work this Metro editor, but it's a different lady now -- ends up running into Celeste in the elevator.

Celeste: "I think the mediator's lying to us. Two hours and a bottle of wine, we can settle this."
Will: "Just this? Why not the Middle East?"
Celeste: "It's game theory with imperfect information, Will. Why don't we make it perfect?"
Will: "I thought you liked imperfect. Poker over chess."

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